Ancient artifacts of the “Tutankhamun pipes”, causing war and turning off the lights

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The so-called “pipes of Tutankhamun” are unique musical instruments found in 1922 by the Howard team Carter.

British archaeologist and colleagues found in a tomb the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun two straight and long pipes, one of which were made of wood and silver, the other of copper and bronze. The length of one of them is 57 centimeters, the length of the other – a little less. It is believed that these are the most ancient tools. similar type, preserved to this day.

A photo from open sources

Found a bronze pipe in the room in front of the room with the sarcophagus, the artifact was hidden in a casket along with a cane and various weapons. The silver item lay in the burial chamber itself along with the mummy of the legendary ancient Egyptian ruler. On one pipe engraved images of the gods Ra, Amon and Ptah, the other is decorated drawings of flowers and lotus leaves.

The silence of the “pipes of Tutankhamun” was broken

These musical instruments have been silent for more than 3 millennia, however in April 1939, a magnificent event was held at the Cairo Museum, where the pipes first sounded after so many years, and on the air. True, just a few minutes before the start of the broadcast throughout the building lost electricity, and play the “pipes of Tutankhamun” had by candlelight. Many considered such a coincidence extremely suspicious and sinister.

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5 months passed, and the Second World War began. Soon after of how the largest in modern history flared up conflict, eminent Egyptian scholars Zahi Hawass and Hala Hassan declared that the Tutankhamun’s pipes, which enclose dark mystical powers. At the risk of their careers, each of these experts swore that these artifacts were magically led to the outbreak of war. In addition, experts assured that the pipes able to turn off the light, and what happened in the Cairo Museum was only a modest “presentation” of their power.

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Striking “coincidences” continued on. On the “pipes Tutankhamun “was played in 1967 before the 6-day Arab-Israeli war, as well as before the start of the “War in the Gulf” 1990-1991. IN 2011, the sound of one of the pipes was demonstrated by Japanese delegation in Cairo, and exactly one week later a fierce Egyptian revolution, which killed more than 1,100 more than 6400 people were seriously injured. Moreover, several unsuccessful attempts to play these musical instruments, and every time a city-wide event took place in Cairo power outage.

A photo from open sources

When the Egyptian revolution began in 2011, the pipes played the last (at the time of this writing) time. In the town Riots began, and looters who entered the Cairo Museum stole valuable historical exhibits. Surprisingly later a few weeks Tutankhamun’s pipes were suddenly returned to a cultural institution, and no one knows how this happened. Whether criminals secretly returned stolen, faced with the inexplicable properties of artifacts, or the tools themselves returned to the museum …

War Ancient Tutankhamun Artifacts

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