Ancient Australians fought giant cannibals

Ancient Australians fought giant cannibalsA photo from open sources

A few days ago in the international scientific journal “Quaternary Science Reviews “showed the results of a very interesting study. The scientists who wrote the article said that the first Cro-Magnons, inhabited the Australian continent seventy to fifty thousand years BC probably faced and even fought giant carnivorous lizards, whose growth could reach several meters.

Queensland Institute employee Gilbert Price, one from the authors of the study, reported that experts found in Australian Capricorn Cave strange bone. The find is very surprised scientists, because her careful analysis showed that the bone belonged to an ancient monitor lizard of enormous size. Price and him colleagues managed to find the first evidence that Cro-Magnons had contact with giant reptiles. Adult lizard weight like supposedly could reach two tons and a length of nine meters!

Relatively small by historical standards, the age of the find allowed researchers to conclude that the ancestors of modern about fifty thousand aborigines of Australia years ago, with a high probability could be in contact with the data monitor lizards. The lizards were clearly carnivorous and due to their huge dimensions could hunt not only other animals, but also on people. Cro-Magnons, in turn, could fight predators with purpose of defense, as well as fishing. In addition, the ancient dinosaurs, perhaps exterminated those species of animals that also liked man, because the natives had no choice but to fight the lizards.

Verification of all these hypotheses, according to scientists, will be possible then when they find new remains of giant lizards. Recently the detected bone is too small to based on her analysis, make statements claiming to be absolute reliability of the hypothesis.


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