Ancient Balaclava Found galley

An ancient galley found in the water area of ​​BalaklavaPhoto from open source Balaklava – a small seaside village, geographically owned by the city of Sevastopol, has a rich a story. It is believed that the bay of this magical beauty narrow seaside corner, once glorified by writer A. Kuprin deep in land, and was that legendary haven omen – Syumbolon-Limen, which in the adventures of Odysseus Homer described as a port of listrigons. Here, according to ancient Greek mythology, the cannibals-giants lived. It was with them Odyssey flotilla, and the legendary navigator himself survived only just because his ship didn’t enter this attractive harbor.

Recently, an ancient galley was found in the water area of ​​Balaklava, presumably the beginning of our era, which now lies deep one hundred twenty meters. Currently special deep sea the Panther robot carefully examines an old ship, perhaps some artifacts found on it will be raised to the surface. But a thorough examination of the galley will begin in Balaclava after tenth of June.

Scientists have already compiled the first idea of ​​the vessel found. By According to them, the galley came with a load of amphoras. Thanks to the silt under which the old ship was resting all this time; apparently it was preserved in the original form in which he sank. However, in more detail it will be possible to judge him and his cargo only after carefully surveys and elevations to the surface of the sea.

Recall that one more is still connected with Balaclava unsolved mystery – about English sinking in 1854 near it vessel “Prince”, on board which, allegedly, was a lot of gold. Over time, the sea treasure hunters renamed the ship, however the mysterious ghost of the “Black Prince” still has not opened its treasures, despite numerous expeditions and searches, even on the level of the young Soviet state, which at the beginning of the past century for this purpose created a special unit Epron. But … everything in vain. It’s amazing that finding the treasure of the “Black Prince” is unsuccessful tried expeditions of many countries of the world, except for the British themselves, that leads to some suspicion. However, great secrets are not kept only the sea …


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