Ancient burial of people with elongated skulls

Ancient burial place of people with extended skullsPhoto from open sources

Peruvian and Japanese archaeologists involved in joint excavations in Pakopamp discovered unusual burial clerics worshiping the Jaguar Serpent. And the skeletons date back to almost a millennium BC, that is, their burial happened long before the advent of the famous Inca civilization.

There were two bodies in the burial ground, both laid in the fetal position, when the face of one is facing south, and the other is facing north. On the sides of the remains laid out utensils, and very expensive, which indicates high social status of the buried. For example, cost unusual ceramic vessel with a decoration in the form of a snake with strange head of a jaguar, hard to overestimate.

A photo from open sources

Peruvian and Japanese scholars agree that the burial is located on the ceremonial site. From here they conclude that it was most likely the clergy, who performed religious rites. Traces point to this. dyes that are found on the skulls of the deceased, from red to black. Presumably, these dyes were superimposed on a special system.

But the most remarkable feature of the found remains are their skulls that are extended upward. Note that similar elongated archaeologists find skulls in many places on our planet, for example, they were discovered during excavations of a mound in Azore, which is located near Rostov-on-Don. Russian researchers believe that the skulls artificially deformed since childhood, so that this person outwardly he looked like a god, that is, an alien. Exactly aliens could have such elongated skulls and naturally were revered by earthlings for the gods.

Most likely, say Japanese and Peruvian archaeologists found the remains of people belong to the higher caste, where children from an early age childhood prepared for the chosen role of divine service.

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