Ancient city discovered in the CBD

A photo from open sources

Found in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic in the Chegem Gorge the ruins of an ancient city. Local scholars and local historians who discovered in images taken from space outlines before an unknown city, immediately began to study the ancient folk the legends of these places, which tells of a certain city that was located at an altitude of over 3,000 meters above sea level. Having examined the maps of the Chegem Gorge made from space, scientists local historians from Nalchik Victor and Maria Kotlyarov paid attention to depressions in the upper course of the river Jungu-su that resemble a foundation with transverse partitions. Researchers are convinced that this relief has artificial origin. Rocks around the site the size of 350 by 110 meters, according to the opinion of local historians, they defended the ancient the city from mudflows, rockfalls, winds and avalanches. Currently The Kotlyarovs assemble a scientific expedition to study the ruins the ancient city in the upper Chegem Gorge and call join their volunteer research. It should be noted, that Viktor Kotlyarov is not sure that life is at such a great height conceivable in modern climatic conditions, however, it is not excludes the possibility that in ancient times when those places inhabited by people, the climate was milder.

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