Ancient earthly underground civilizations

Ancient terrestrial underground civilizationsA photo from open sources

Almost every nation has myths in which tells about the fate of wise and culturally developed beings, who, as a result of an unprecedented disaster, were forced to go under land and create there an overdeveloped and well-off civilization. Possessing secret knowledge and crafts, they easily adapted to new living conditions.

But not always the search for humanity of its underground counterparts was carried out with the aim of establishing contacts in the interests of peaceful Earth race development. “Demon” of the twentieth century – Hitler, dreamed take advantage of the achievements of an overdeveloped underground civilization with the goal of enslaving all the peoples of the earth. In 1942, by order Goering and Himmler formed an expedition of the best German scientists. The group was led by Professor Heinz Fischer.

The scientists were faced with the task of finding the entrance leading to the underground world civilization. The expedition members began their search from the island of Rugen, located in the Baltic Sea. In addition to the main goal, German experts planned to install underground radar installations that will help to track the movement of the enemy in any region of the earth. Because all the studies of German experts were carefully classified, there is no reliable information about were they able to find a passage into the underworld.

The first information about finds confirming the existence of mysterious peoples living underground appeared in a magazine Amazing Stories in 1946. The author of the article was American writer, journalist and scholar Richard Shaver. He wrote about his contact with the inhabitants of the underground civilization. The author claims that he managed to live among the underground mutants for several weeks. The scientist describes the appearance of the underground inhabitants as follows: “They look like demons from the ancient legends of earthlings. “One could attribute these stories to the unbridled fantasy of a famous journalist, but after publication of these entries the magazine received many responses readers who confirmed the words of Richard Shaver.

Moreover, they described the wonders of technology that they saw in the underground the world. Eyewitnesses claim that underground civilization is not only lives comfortably in his world, but also able to control consciousness of earthlings. Watching humanity, they consider earthlings savages. Although they do not disdain from time to time to steal human children to raise them as their own. There are even assumptions that the inhabitants of the underworld are outwardly similar to ordinary people, but they are practically immortal and appeared on the planet on several million years earlier than us.

With the advent of space-based Earth photography surfaces, in 1977 interesting shots were taken Earth’s North Pole. The photo clearly shows a large dark spot of the correct form. Perhaps this is one of the entrances to underworld?

Researcher from Poland Jan Paenk sure that under the surface land is a network of tunnels through which you can get into any country of the world. Tunnels look like unusual walkways, the walls of which represent a melt of rocks. These tunnels have been seen by many Earthlings in South Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the United States and Ecuador As expected, it’s through these tunnels on the huge speeds from one end of the world to the other, flying plates.

When the radars of the American base at Cape Canaveral spotted signals coming from the depths of the earth, it was suggested that some intelligent race is trying to establish contact with earthlings. These signals were first received several years ago. And since then twice a month they are stubbornly repeated. Scientists are trying to decipher these messages. The work is complicated by the fact that the information received encoded using sophisticated mathematical formulas. And although some of the signals have already been decrypted, NASA experts do not in a hurry to publish the information, fearing that the population is not This interprets decrypted messages. You can’t specify yet the exact location of the underworld, but one thing is clear – the underground civilization knows much more about us than we do about them. If will be able to enter into open contact with the inhabitants of the underground, this will be the most outstanding achievement of the twenty-first century!

What could be the reason for the departure of civilization into the depths of the earth bowels? Perhaps it was a collision of the Earth with a meteorite or some other global catastrophe. Life on the surface land became impossible for them, and a flight to another planet technically unrealizable – there was only one way out: to go to underground shelter and there to create a comfortable world for yourself. Then why, under normalization of climatic conditions, this civilization does not came back to the surface of the earth? They may not be able to live in terrestrial gravity (it’s different underground), perhaps they are no longer able to live in the sunlight, perhaps they understand that being underground they are not afraid meteorites falling and other cataclysms raging on the surface the planet. Most likely, they are strongly evolved: food adaptation took place, skin changes integuments for which the sun’s rays have become deadly, radically changed the culture and mentality of civilization, etc., etc.

American seismologists Michael Visession and Jesse Lawrence analyzed about a thousand gathers and consider that under the surface of Asia is a giant underground reservoir comparable in size to the Arctic Ocean. If these guesses are correct, it can be assumed that in this water space, the existence of a developed civilization is possible non-humanoid type. The fact of its existence can then be explained many amazing phenomena: from the UFO phenomenon to the paranormal phenomena.

Recently, research has also intensified. existing caves on earth. Enthusiasts and scientists are getting deeper make their way deep into the earth. Opinions are increasingly being expressed about finding traces of underground civilization.

In this regard, the history of the study is very interesting. South American underground tunnels located in the immediate proximity to the Inlacuatl and Popocatepetl volcanoes near the mountain Shasta. Researchers say they managed to see part of this underground empire. Some underground expeditions in the area ended tragically. In the library of the city of Kuskobyl discovered report on one of them. It says that in the vicinity of the city a group of specialists from the USA and France discovered the entrance to dungeon. Of the seven people who descended into the dungeon, through fifteen days only one participant came to the surface expeditions. He was very exhausted and could not remember anything about his stay underground. A few days later he died, leaving found in a dungeon, a corncob made from pure gold.

In Russia, there are also places where the population is confident in not only the existence of underground civilization, but also in contact with them.

In the traditions of the peoples inhabiting the Ural Mountains there are legends about mysterious people – chud or wondrous people. Once upon a time they lived on earth peacefully and happily. But when in the Urals they began to erect factories and factory buildings – divy people went to live underground. Ethnographer Onuchkov believes that divine people have access to the surface land through mountain caves. They may be among people, but remain invisible to them. Divi people have the highest culture, own the secret of stone and metal, have supernatural abilities and unique knowledge. Cave dwellers are usually short and very beautiful, they have a pleasant voice, but they hear their only chosen earthlings. Rumor has it that in some villages in there is a quiet ringing at midnight, but only people with clear conscience. People ring at the square in front of the church. There, an old man of wondrous people predicts the future, but unworthy a person who has come to the temple will not see or hear anything.

It is said that divine people can communicate with a person abiding in a state of sleep. There is a historical legend related to the founder of Yekaterinburg, Prince Tatishchev. Once in a dream he I saw a woman of amazing beauty in clothing from animal skins, on her breasts shimmered with expensive flowers in all colors. She, looking sternly into the eyes of the nobleman said that he cancel his order working people to dig mounds at the site of the laying of a new city. She said: “My brave warriors are lying there. Do not disturb them. you will be at rest neither in this nor in the next world. I am the Princess of Chud Anna. I swear that I will destroy the city if you touch these graves. ” Tatishchev believed his dream and forbade to dig mounds.

In the notes of the Russian scientist, traveler and artist Nikolai Roerich has references to the Chud people. Roerich claimed that divi people return to earth only if it comes happy time. And that they will give people great knowledge. In the meantime Chud people live underground in amazing and beautiful country.

It is impossible to remain silent about the existence in the legends of the Himalayas and Tibet information about the underground world of mountains. They say that the “initiates” can go through mountain tunnels to the center of the planet, where they can communicate with representatives of an ancient underground civilization.

Legends of India say a lot about the mysterious underground kingdom Nagov. Its inhabitants are nanasas – snake people who store in their underground mountain tunnels are countless treasures. They are cold-blooded, like snakes, and not capable of expressing human feelings. Since they still need to warm up, they steal the heat not only mental, but also corporal in earthly living beings.

Combining disparate information, we can say that there is there is a high probability that there is a single underground global underground communications system that includes multi-kilometer tunnels, junction stations, as well as settlements and huge cities with a perfect life support system. If, indeed, a mysterious civilization lives underground, then humanity has a chance, under certain conditions, to receive knowledge and take advantage of the achievements of the ancient earthly underground civilizations for their own good.

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