Ancient egyptian temple discovered during construction work

An ancient Egyptian temple was discovered during construction work.A photo from open sources

The walls of the ancient temple were discovered by builders when they practiced sewer construction in the city of Tama. Realizing that this find is not belongs to the modern world, builders immediately ceased their work and called archaeologists.

When the archaeologists arrived at the place, they managed to dig out more several walls to understand what they are dealing with. After a little research, they stated that this structure – ancient temple. On one of the walls of the building, archaeologists discovered a fairly distinguishable inscription with the name of Pharaoh Ptolemy IV Filopator, who ruled in Egypt in the period from 221-204. to our era. In addition, the walls of the temple are decorated with various images of birds and animals.

A photo from open sources

Archaeologists paid special attention to the ancient fragment of the text with the mention of the name of the pharaoh who ruled more than two thousand years ago. Ptolemy IV distinguished himself in the history of Egypt by his ineffective management.

According to historians, his decisions weakened countries. It is also known that the ruler was especially respectful to art, and state affairs were for him in the background. This finding indirectly confirms this finding, where with special efforts work on the art painting of the temple was carried out.

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