Ancient Greeks ruined health with drugs

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Desert archaeologists in western Egypt discovered a school that was built around 1700 years ago. Ancient greek the school is located in the ancient city of Trimithis, which was located 322 kilometers west of the Nile River. In domestic the walls of this school are marked with ancient Greek works, including and text about drug use. This school was attended by students during times when the Roman Empire controlled ancient Egypt, and Greek was widely spoken. With time the school became an integral part of the large house in which they were kept unique works of art, including images Olympic gods. Researchers are sure that after the ancient Greek teacher who taught in those days was dead or moved, the school for a long period of time practically not used. Therefore, later, an already closed school was attached to the neighboring building, which turned out to be the home of the city councilor. IN later it was he who used his house and the adjacent school for storing art objects. One of the wall ancient texts of this school (with reference to the Odyssey), narrates the ancient a story about drug use. Elena Troyanskaya, because of which the Trojan War was fought, treating its guests with opium, which, according to she said, frees from sadness, anger and brings blessed oblivion. The text reads: “One who will drink this” gift “, mixing him with wine in his bowl, will not let slip down the cheek is not a single a tear. ”Next, after the text, the Greek word imitate is written. Based on this, experts came to the conclusion that ancient Greek the teacher gave his students a kind of homework, in which they should copy the actions described in the text. It turns out that the ancient Greeks not only dabbled in drugs means, but also involved in this destructive addiction growing youth? However, is it really so, or are these texts store in themselves a completely different, possibly hidden meaning, to Unfortunately, it remains a mystery.

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