Ancient knowledge in medicines surprise

Ancient knowledge in medicines is surprisingA photo from open sources

Scientists based on archaeological finds conclude that in antiquities, people possessed considerable knowledge of medicines. For instance, Danish researchers decipher the ancient manuscript Egypt, which tells how was treated at that time sick.

What is surprising in this regard is that the ancient Egyptians used in bats blood and bovine fat – drugs that modern pharmacology almost never applies. At the same time, physicians of ancient Egypt successfully performed operations even on the skull, and the patients did not experience pain and did not die.

The Danes are still at a loss as to how the ancient Egyptians had such extensive knowledge in medicines, because then there wasn’t such a highly developed pharmaceutical industry, like today, moreover, the ancient inhabitants of the Earth somehow unmistakably chose natural products for these purposes, not using chemistry that modern physicians have ever greater complaints

The Danes, for example, concluded that the Egyptians of that time on the base of the blood of bats and bovine fat could produce unique pain medication inaccessible to modern medicine. Where, one wonders, did ancient people draw such knowledge from? ..

A photo from open sources

And here are researchers at King’s College London based one of the papyrus of ancient Greece (found during excavations of the city Oksirinkos in Egypt) determined how the Greeks of that time fought with hangover syndrome. The fact is that in this country wine drinking flourished, which could not but affect the health of lovers intoxicated, especially the day after an excessive libation.

So in the treatise on this topic, it says that in Ancient Greece any medications, including those from hangovers were used in conjunction with the appeal to higher powers. For example, the morning after a strong libation, the Greeks wore a necklace of bay leaves on which special magical were inscribed signs. And, probably, it helped much better than modern ones. pills like aspirin, not to mention useless zorex and him similar drugs …

According to Henry Benjamin, a specialist in ancient medicine, the ancient Greeks were able to successfully treat many diseases, while a unique combination of different herbs in their necessarily supported by divine spirit, faith, that only gods can help free oneself from certain ailments. Modern medical practice completely rejects such a spiritual approach to treatment, why we can observe the powerlessness of medicine, which is manifested primarily in the fact that even the most miraculous medicines soon become useless, because microbes develop immunity against them. And pharmacologists have to come up with more and more new medicines. Moreover, these chemicals, as they say, one is treated in our body, and the other cripple. But in ancient Greece and Egypt, judging by everything, for centuries and even millennia has been treated with “magic” ones means, not forgetting who gave them to people. And problems with there was no medicine …

A photo from open sources

By the way, New Year is ahead, after which many will stand in the morning completely sick, because the Russian people do not know anything measures. Make a necklace of laurel leaves and write your own on them requests to at least his Guardian Angel, I think, not is of no difficulty. And suddenly he hears and helps. Wherein you can also drink cabbage pickle – it won’t hurt …

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