Ancient manuscript reveals true attitude the English to Richard III

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Skull of a skeleton found during excavations in Leicester (Great Britain), recognized by experts as the remains of King Richard III. This historic find is of great importance to residents. York City, where the king spent most of his life celebrating legendary rule – and feuding with the city of Leicester, where Richard III was buried and will be reburied again. Made public recently a 600 year old manuscript on display at the yorkshire museum is bright demonstrates the true attitude of medieval York to his to the king, directly during his tumultuous reign. This is the first a case in history where a manuscript was openly displayed for the public. “With respect and respect, as your only wisdom can imagine, I hasten to persuade you, for the connection of the queen and your majesty, hold the beautiful by to its beauty performance, “written in instructions from the secretary King, which is contained in the York manuscript. This instruction was written in August 1483, just then Richard III and his lords went to York. On the eve of the holiday, the inhabitants of York themselves decorated the city with the most beautiful embroidered tapestries, preparing for the arrival your beloved king. The holiday was so colorful, and Richard was greeted so pompously that they became walk unusual legends. “I cannot advise you, my knight, as I have no doubt that you did everything a lot better than I could advise you, “the adviser wrote to the king after the holidays. According to this and many others documents clearly confirms Richard’s wide popularity III among the population of York, as well as the reality of medieval festival, many traditions of which are observed to this day. Even now, after many centuries, the passions around Richard III do not subside, as many history enthusiasts strongly disagree with the fact that the remains of the king should be reburied in the north the city of Leicester. They are sure that Richard should be buried in York, because it was in this place that he spent about a third of his of life.

Translation by Sergey Vasilenkov

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