Ancient Otzi found living relatives

Scientists managed to find 19 descendants of the “Ice Man”, frozen in the Alps more than 5 thousand years ago Photo from open sources PHOTO: AFP Austrian scientists were able find 19 living descendants of the ancient Otzi – the man who died more than 5 thousand years ago and was found frozen in the Alps, writes Daily Mail In a study conducted by specialists from the Institute Forensic Medicine in Innsbruck, attended by 3.7 thousand residents Tyrol (land in the west of Austria). DNA samples taken from their blood compared with Otzi DNA. Several modern Austrians have discovered the same gene mutation as an ancient person. Experts suggest that descendants of Otzi can also live in neighboring countries. “We already agreed with Swiss and Italian colleagues to continue work, “said one of the study participants Walter Parson. Otzi – a man of the Chalcolithic era, whose frozen mummy discovered in the Alps in 1991. At first they took him for modern man – the corpse is very well preserved, however later it turned out that he was 5, 3 thousand years old. Scientists have established that Otzi was about 45 years old at the time of death. His height was 165 cm, and he weighed 50 kilograms. Great interest in academia raised the question of how the ice man died. Version about that he just froze in the mountains did not last long. On the most popular version, an ancient man participated in the battle and died after he was shot in the back. Recent Results scans showed that death occurred as a result of a fall. According to German scientists conducting research at the beginning of this years, an ice man had a damaged brain, this was due to that he was hit hard on the head. The Otzi remains notoriety among scientists. The fact that the mummy is connected several cases of mysterious deaths among anthropologists, their assistants and just people who have seen a fossil body. The first to die medical examiner Rainer Henn, a member of the group that examined dead body. Then the climber Kurt Fritz, who worked on the glacier, where found the mummy. The third victim of the curse was journalist Rainer Holtz, Helmut Simon, who Otzi found, went missing, and soon his the body was found in the mountains. Another climber (he is involved in the search Simone) – Dieter Varneke – died of a heart attack.


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