Ancient people ate mammoths

A photo open source Illustration: Museum of London / Global Look Press The family way of primitive people, according to which a man was obliged to get mammoth meat, could cause the gradual extinction of these animals. Came to this conclusion Danish scholars disagree with the theory that the ancients mammals died due to the ice age 100 thousand years ago. Researchers using a computer model recreated living conditions on Earth in the period between 132 thousand years ago and 1 thousand years ago, placing there 177 species animals, including kangaroos, leopards and marsupials. They are found that the mass extinction of mammoths began in places human habitation. “We have consistently found that the fastest animals died where primitive people lived. At least at least 30% of large animal species have disappeared from such areas, “- quoted by Daily Mail Professor Jens Christian Swenning. “Our the results prove the fact that the spread of humanity led to the extinction of large animals, “Dr. Soren echoes Farby According to experts, out of 177 extinct species, 62 became extinct. in the Americas, 38 in Asia, 26 in Australia, 19 in Europe and 18 in Africa. Researchers note that traditional The mammoth extinction version crashes on most continents. Climate change, they believe, could contribute to death megafauna only in Europe and Asia.


Kangaroo Mammoths

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