Ancient petroglyphs discovered in South Africa

Ancient petroglyphs discovered in South AfricaPhoto from open sources

On our planet, scientists argue, in the old days fell asteroids, which in magnitude and mass simply hit imagination. Of course, they changed a lot on Earth, the benefit is that there was no man in those days.

At least modern Homo Sapiens, because about others civilizations that have lived on Earth for many millions and even billions of years, we only know that they may have existed, however official science does not want to admit this, despite the very convincing artifacts from those times. So maybe some of these civilizations died due to planetary faults catastrophes due to the fall of such huge asteroids? For example, almost the incontrovertible fact that the dinosaur world died precisely for this reason. But on the other hand, there is indirect evidence (ancient dinosaur cave paintings) that man existed already in that era and was in contact with dinosaurs.

A photo from open sources

Today we have to get acquainted with the asteroid, which is two billion years ago crashed into land in today’s South Africa. He was so huge that he left the crater Vredefort 300 kilometers in diameter (the asteroid itself should not be less than 15 kilometers across), a “funnel” which time does not could erase from the surface of the planet even for such a huge period.

The crater has long attracted all kinds of scientists and first of all practitioners, for example, companies looking here for gold and others valuable minerals. But not so long ago, scientists discovered in this crater cave paintings, which are about eight thousand years old. Leave them could Hoi-san – the people who inhabited this territory several thousand years ago.

A photo from open sources

This is what Dr. Matthew Huber says with colleagues from the University of South Africa Free State to currently studying these petroglyphs:

I always thought that this crater matters only to geologists, but it turns out that the ancient “funnel” attracted attention and residents of that time who, apparently, considered this hollow a place of spiritual strength. This is evidenced by their drawings, in which not only animals on which people hunted at that time, for example, a rhinoceros or a hippopotamus, but also divine creatures, let’s say snakes that bring rain, and even mysterious petroglyphs gods, or aliens …

A photo from open sources

By the way, in the cave art of ancient people often the theme of aliens and UFOs is traced, and such drawings can be two, three, or even eight thousand years old (watch the video below).

As for the Wredefort crater, it is interesting in different ways. reasons, this biggest funnel on Earth left an asteroid, says a lot: it can even be traced some unique geological processes taking place on our planet in two billion years. And not only…

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