Ancient pyramid destroyed in Peru

A photo from open sources

In Peru, vandals destroyed an ancient pyramid, whose age reaches 5000 years. The Minister of Culture of Peru said that archaeological site “El Paraiso” was completely destroyed by vandals. Ancient pyramid, whose age is 5 000 years, and which is of great cultural value, has been almost completely destroyed. Since December 2012, Peru has been conducted archaeological site during which archaeologists in February an ancient pyramid was discovered with a height of 6 meters and a total area 2,500 m2. The value of this pyramid was that it was connected with pre-Columbian history, as well as building technologies pre-Inca and Inca empire. “Unfortunately, on Saturday a gang of vandals made her way to the place “El Paraiso” and completely destroyed the ancient a pyramid that could tell us a lot, “the minister said Peruvian culture. After the pyramid was destroyed, vandals set it on fire and disappeared without a single twinge of conscience.

Peru Pyramids

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