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One elderly lady living in South Africa safely stores in a small sardonyx – an exotic pebble being its safe a variety of onyx. The owner of this item is ready to sell it. State of Israel for two hundred twenty five million american dollars. “But who needs him for that kind of money ?!” – many of them will think us, but it’s not so simple. Israeli government seriously considering the acquisition of this unique stone.

The fact is that this pebble can be incredibly valuable. artifact from the Jerusalem temple. If you carefully consider sardonyx, on it you can see the letters Kuf and Beth of the ancient alphabet, which Jews used from time immemorial until Babylonian exile in the sixth century BC. According to estimates specialists, if the described stone is genuine, then it age can be more than three millennia.

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Interestingly, the above letters are not carved on the surface stone, but inside it, which is physically impossible, since sardonyx never cut. Of course, Israel seeks to regain such a relic. However, the African asks for a lot of money, and the Sardonyx may not be real. However, several experts still gained access to the stone and, after analyzing it, came to the conclusion that it is a true relic.

The alleged history of the ancient stone

It is likely that this mystical artifact was transmitted during many centuries from father to son in the name Oret, founded back in Medieval Knight Templar. It is believed that he went to the warrior in the year 1189. According to the generally accepted version, the knight received sardonyx as a gift, however, many historians believe that this happened during the assault by the Templars of Jerusalem when the invaders destroyed almost the entire population of the city and seized values killed. The branch of Oret, which kept the relic, moved two hundred years back to South Africa, and when the family did not have any male descendants floor, the stone went to the woman. It is she who is trying to sell it today to the Israelis.

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Scientists suggest that sardonyx was part of the attire high priest who served in the Jerusalem Temple. Such priests put on special old clothes, which, in addition to everything other things, fastened on the shoulders with two sardonyxes. There are such stones in the Torah called shoam. And so it turns out that medieval knights could kill the minister of the altar, taking possession of his cloak.

Who could carve letters inside the ancient sardonyx?

For the first time, they started talking seriously about the miracle stone in 2000, when American professor James Strange personally visited the mistress artifact. At first, the scientist was skeptical of the woman’s words, however, having examined the stone, he sharply changed his mind. According to Strange, this sardonyx is a true work art and comes precisely from the Jerusalem temple. American still convinced that such a thing is impossible to fake.

A photo from open sources

The Israeli government has repeatedly hinted to the African that she could pass the stone and free of charge. Manifest so to speak decency and return the most valuable relic to their homeland. Nonetheless, the woman is adamant in her desire to receive from this transaction benefit for yourself, especially since this unique thing is valuable not only like a Hebrew relic, but also mysteriously mysterious, because three thousand years ago, humanity could not know technology knocking out letters inside the sardonyx without cutting it. It is beyond the power even modern stone cutters. And it seems that the mistress of the ancient artifact understands this perfectly …

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