Ancient Romans and Greeks treated eyes zinc

Medical drugs found at the shipwreck, what happened 2 thousand years ago, they say that the Mediterranean civilization of classical antiquity knew quite complex drugs. A merchant ship sank about 130 BC. e. off the coast of the Italian region of Tuscany. He was noticed in 1974 and dubbed “Relitto del Pozzino” – in honor of the beach, next to which found him. Archaeological excavations carried out in 1989 and 1990 years, gave glass bowls and amphoras in which wine was transported, and also lamps, and also tin and bronze vessels, most likely produced in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. Photos from open sources

Pixida and tablets (photo by G. Giachi et al.). Moreover, there were artifacts supposedly stored in a rotten wooden chest: wooden bowls, a cup used probably for bloodletting, and other accessories of the ancient doctor. Among other objects was a small tin cylinder – pixid, in which lay five tablets about 4 cm in diameter. The vessel was closed so tightly that its contents are preserved until ours days. An analysis of one of the pills by Italian scientists showed that the main components of the ancient potion were oxide zinc (hydrozincite) and zinc spar (smitsonite). Besides, in the composition included various animal and vegetable materials origin, primarily pollen, beeswax and pine resin. Scientists note that in the writings of the Roman Pliny the Elder and the Greek The writings of Dioscorides, the recognized authorities of their time, Zinc compounds are called beneficial for the eyes and skin. By the way the Latin “collyrium” meaning “lotion for the eyes” occurs from the Greek word for small round loafs. It was originally believed that these were a kind of vitamins that sailors consumed during long voyages. results studies published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Prepared based on ScienceNOW.


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