Ancient statues unearthed in Afghanistan Buddha

Ancient Buddha statues unearthed in AfghanistanPhoto from open sources

Afghan archaeologists discovered during excavations in Kabul amazing artifacts. According to representatives of the information agency “Bakhtar”, the cemetery of Shukhad-i-Salikhin kept unique monuments of culture and history of the sixth-seventh centuries of our era. Experts have found several statues of Buddha, a sculpture of Woman offering Buddha and the ruins of an ancient temple.

Said Mosadyk Khalili – Deputy Head of the Afghan Ministry culture – said that Shuhada-i-Salikhin has become the fourth time excavated, but only now archaeologists managed to extract so valuable artifacts from the earth.

The capital of Afghanistan is considered one of the most ancient and historically wealthy settlements of the Middle East. It is quite understandable since ancient times the city stood at the crossroads of large trade routes. Known previously as Kubha, the city is mentioned in Ancient Iranian Avesta and Indian Religious Texts Collection Rigveda. The Rigveda called Kubha the ideal place to live in mountains. Today Kabul was once the cultural center of Buddhism, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism until it was conquered by the Arabs.

It is noteworthy that to date, the Afghans have not provided the historical monuments of Kabul honor to be subjected to deep scientific research. It is possible that the ancient cemetery, which has not yet been researched and ten percent presented to local archaeologists have many other pleasant surprises.

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