Ancient stone ruins in Siberia still shrouded in mystery

The ancient stone ruins in Siberia are still shrouded in mysteryA photo from open sources

On a small island of the distant Siberian lake Tere-Khol located shrouded in mystery stone ruins.

The first researchers of the ruins in 1891 established their age in 1300 years, i.e. they were built between 744 and 840 years of our era.

From the surviving ruins it is impossible to establish who and why built. Some archaeologists believe that the island once Manichean or Buddhist temple was located. Others believe that on the island there was a summer palace of the rulers of the Uyghur empire. there is also the view that the ruins found are nothing but remnants ancient observatory or some kind of defensive structure.

The question remains unanswered why the builders left the island and construction almost immediately after construction.

It is believed that the lake formed after the end the construction of the building, that is, the ancient builders did not set their the goal is to build a structure on the island.

In any case, the discovered remains of an ancient structure will be shrouded in mystery for many years to come.

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