And again returning to the pyramids of the Ancient Of egypt

And again returning to the pyramids of Ancient EgyptPhoto from open sources Probably there is no such historical a monument that would attract so much attention and generate so much conflicting judgment than the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

Who and how raised the slabs during the construction of the pyramids

If we consider only the question, who built these monumental structures, in particular, the most famous pyramids of Giza and Sphinx next to them, and why, then even in this case you may encounter different opinions and assumptions of scientists. Someone thinks that these were the constructions of our civilization, say, of Atlantis, someone attributes the construction of the pyramids to aliens (by the way, both those and others, according to researchers, could move huge stone blocks through the air by the power of thought or some other unknown us energy).

But Professor I.V.Davidenko thoroughly and very scientifically proves throughout the documentary “Big Ancient Egypt’s deception that the pyramids were built from special lime cement that’s not natural limestone stones like many think, but simply poured “concrete” blocks. That’s why they fit so perfectly together, that’s why they weren’t needed and lift – the blocks were poured into the formwork, which gradually (by as the pyramid grew) it rose and became smaller and smaller (pay attention to the size of the blocks).

This is also confirmed by the fact that the structure of the blocks is artificial. hair, filamentous fungi, which is typical for cement blocks, not for the breed. And finally, exclaims Igor Vladimirovich, in order to displace so many limestone blocks, it was necessary somewhere to take ninety percent of the stone waste. But they are nowhere discovered, and all because there were none …

A photo from open sources

Puzzles alone

In his study, Professor I.V.Davidenko in detail dwells on such a poorly studied issue as the role of Napoleon in the Egyptian pyramids and, in particular, the opening of the tomb Tutankhamun. Why, he asks, many things and knowledge about this found (even in the ritual of Napoleon’s burial) long before how Howard Carter found this tomb? And why Carter himself first brought a narrow gauge railway to the pyramid, which exported something a few months, and then only announced that it was open to them the great tomb of Tutankhamun? And why among the things of the tomb so many obvious fakes of the twentieth century come across?

The film “Big Deception” tells about this and much more. Ancient Egypt. “By the way, with regard to alien intervention into the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, then direct evidence of course, no, although many indirect evidence is still are available. And if you pay attention to the patterns and lines under the sands deserts of modern Egypt, which are very similar to the mysterious the Nazca geoglyphs, you will involuntarily believe in space aliens Ancient Egypt …

Geoglyphs Egypt Napoleon Bonaparte Pyramids of Tutankhamun

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