Angu Smoked Dead

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Papuans Angu tribe (Papua New Guinea) deceased relatives they don’t bury, they don’t burn, but … they smoke, and they are stored in this form. Angu cemetery is a smoked storage. Technology The smoking technology of the dead Papuans debugged several millennia. The process is quite complicated, requires skills and training. At the corpse, elbows and knees are cut, through hollow cuts stems of bamboo remove subcutaneous fat. Then shut up tightly eye holes, mouth, anus and body for several days smoked over the fire. Smoked corpse is covered with clay, burned, color with ocher – and the mummy is ready. Thus protected from decay and parasites of the mummy persist for a long time. Individual “specimens” are more than 200 years old. The body of the deceased is placed in a special design of branches and vines (a cross between cage and chair) and carried on a high rock overhanging the village. From “the height of their position” ancestors observe life villages, and according to Papuans, protect her from evil spirits. Photos from open sources

Life after death During important events and holidays mummies are removed from the cliffs and solemnly brought to the village, where give them all honor and respect. “Participated” in celebration of the ancestors at the end of the celebration with the same honorably returned to the place and they continue to bear their “guard service. ” Photos from open sources

This wild from our point of view, the custom among the Papuans has quite rational explanation: ancestor mummified in this way Papuans continue to be considered alive. Accordingly, to him and relate to: ask the ancestor for advice, help, protection, share with him with their sorrows and joys, they offer him sacrifices. Naturally, on only the most respected can count the honor of “living after death” tribal members who have shown courage to all in battle. Therefore especially honorable a place on the rock is occupied by a tribeman who died at the hands of the Japanese in World War II. Less prominent ancestors “guard” individual houses and are not respected by the whole village, but only by their families. The unenviable fate of strangers Photos from open sources

Killed enemies and aliens (careless scientists and travelers) they did not trust the guards of the village and therefore they ate them. Special honor brave warriors “enjoyed” – it was believed that tasted the enemy’s meat will receive his courage and fighting qualities. Respected angu and wisdom: who reached them in 1896, the German ethnographer Karl Holt the elite of the tribe ate, and the professor’s mummified head occupied place of honor in the leader’s hut. In 1975, the authorities issued a decree, forbidding a terrible ritual, but the Papuans Angu declared that customs their forefathers are above all and will continue to bury their the dead according to the ancient rite. The efforts of the church to persuade angu to Christian funerals of their dead are also not successful have had. Even Christianized Papuans Angu continue to smoke their dead. Angu today Photos from open sources

For a long time, white people went around the mountains where the Angu tribe lives side. Governor and colony authorities strongly discouraged visit the Angu habitat: except for Professor Holt in the mountains several more ethnographic expeditions disappeared. Miklouho-Maclay, who decided to somehow look into this corner forgotten by God, dissuaded from the reckless undertaking, the Papuans who worshiped him. Dwelling in the mountains Angu rightly had the glory of warlike among the valley Papuans cannibals. In the 20th century, civilization reached Angu. Sharp lovers sensations are increasingly visited by the tribe, bringing with them stunning pictures of the most unusual earth cemetery. And it’s okay with them doesn’t happen: there are no cannibals among angu. At least so they say.

Mummy Life Time

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