Another black sarcophagus found in Egypt

Black sarcophagi are found in Egypt quite often, because
dark granite stone coffins are not uncommon here. Amazes
another: the technique of making them, so skillful and flawless
exact that many independent researchers seriously think about
the extraterrestrial origin of these artifacts that rulers
Ancient Egypt simply appropriated and then used for such a sweat
funeral needs.

And here is another find – another black sarcophagus found
Egyptian archaeologists are now in the Sidi Gaber area of ​​Alexandria. how
scientists have identified this burial belongs to the period of the dynasty
Ptolemaic. The sarcophagus itself is very unusual: it is very huge
(265x185x165 cm), was at a depth of five meters and, judging the layer
light solution between the base and the lid, never
opened from the moment of burial.

Next to the sarcophagus was also found the sculptural head of a man,
made of alabaster supposedly deceased which
located in the sarcophagus.

how заявляет один из чиновников Министерства древностей Египта,
by posting on this find of archeologists on Facebook, the most
a large black granite sarcophagus has not yet been opened, which caused
a wave of frustration among social network users.

And when they open it, it will be completely uninteresting, writes in
comments to the note one of the regulars of the World Wide Web,
since they find there either a mummy of a crocodile or some other
nonsense. But if it turns out to be something worthwhile, then write completely gone –
we, as always, will not be told a word or a word, as if
there was no interesting archaeological find.

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