Another Egyptian tomb found pharaoh

Found the tomb of another Egyptian pharaohPhoto from open sources

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the unique tomb of Pharaoh HaBa (III dynasty of the pharaohs), of which at least four and a half millennia.

Interestingly, as the Minister of Culture of Egypt, Mr. Mamduh al-Damati that has never been found in this area before such burials so late, and the reign Ha-Ba has not yet “pleased” archaeologists so unique discoveries. It is also important that in the istonia of the country this the studied period in terms of material monuments, therefore such a unique find of the tomb is of great importance.

According to the minister, archaeologists have been working in this area for almost ten years. The early years did not give any positive results, and there was even an opinion stop archaeological here research. But in 2010, researchers discovered mastaba, a kind of truncated pyramid, after which the excavation resumed with renewed vigor. And here is the first major result – the tomb with the name Pharaoh HaBa.

Ha-Ba – is considered the last representative of the III dynasty Egyptian pharaohs, from written sources it is known that he there were very few rules, from about 2643 to 2637 ad. We recall only that the legacy of this dynasty is Joser’s famous stepped stone pyramid (founder dynasty) built in 2650 BC, and well preserved to this day.

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