Another mystery of the Great Pyramid

Another mystery of the Great PyramidPhotos from open sources of

On the eastern side of the Cheops pyramid, a strange an anomaly explained by the Minister of Antiquities of Egypt Mamdouh el-Damaty (Mamdouh al-Damati), scientists can not yet.

A two-week project carried out by a team of researchers French organizations Innovation and Preservation and Heritage, and also Cairo University, which includes scanning internal structures of the most famous Egyptian pyramids, including including Giza (Cheops), suddenly revealed that on its eastern side, on the first level, the temperature difference between the plates in one spot is more than six degrees.

A photo from open sources

And this despite the fact that the normal temperature difference in homogeneous structure should not exceed half a degree. So thermal an anomaly speaks of the presence of unknown archaeologists of cavities and voids, or during the construction of the Great the pyramids in this place were used for some unknown to us reasons, materials with different specific heat. Both very puzzled by the researchers.

A photo from open sources

In the near future, scientists plan to simulate the discovered computer anomalies and analyze them and then hold thorough infrared examination, and not only pyramids Cheops (Giza), but also other great Egyptian monuments.

As Mamduh al-Damati emphasized, the identified anomalies showed that the ancient monuments of Egypt, and especially the pyramids, store in themselves many more unsolved secrets. For example, most recently with a scan was discovered the tomb of Nefertiti, which presumably located in one of two secret rooms tombs of Tutankhamun. True, the burial of the famous Nefertiti – Akhenaten’s wife – has already become a byword, since her periodically find – but everything turns out wrong. Will it be right now archaeologist of Misty Albion Nicholas Reeves who and discovered these secret rooms.

I wonder what the alleged voids of the Great are fraught with. Egyptian pyramids? ..

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