Another species of ancient man found

Another species of ancient man foundA photo from open sources To date, science knows several kind of an ancient man, such as Pithecanthropus, Neanderthal man, synanthropus … And here is a group of scientists from Japan, Australia and Taiwan discovered another species of anthropoid animals living on our planet.

Archaeologists made such a statement on the basis of analysis and studying the found human jaw (its fragment). This a unique exhibit accidentally hit the fishing net. Because the it happened near the island of Penghu (the western coast of Taiwan), then a new kind of ancient man, scientists “christened” as “man Penghu. ”

The “Penghu Man” lived about 10-19 thousand years ago. His the remains showed that this is a species of primitive unknown to the village people different from those previously found by the massive jaw. Allegedly, the Penghu Man belonged to a population anthropoid animals living in Asia maybe he arrived here from Africa in a later period. Unfortunately, one at a time the jaw fragment, scientists could not determine either gender or age found ancient man.

Researchers also concluded that the “Penghu man” is not is a direct ancestor of modern people, that is, you and me. Yes and in general, if you delve into this topic, then scientists still haven’t a mystery is revealed how suddenly a humanoid animal appeared Cro-Magnon – “Homo sapiens”. But just such finds, perhaps bring us closer to uncovering this mystery behind the family seals.

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