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Among the significant problems that have posed modern science the latest discoveries and studies of ancient myths, there is a mysterious civilization that developed about 10 thousand years back to the Antarctic. How did the hypothesis of “Antarctic civilization “? In 1929, the Turkish archaeologist Hee-lil Eden found in the library of the former imperial palace of Tolkani (now a museum) half of the world map compiled by Piri Reis in 1513. Discussion of this map began only in 1957, when one of specialists involved in this issue – American Arlington G. Mallory, – stated that in the southern part of the Piri Reis map are shown contours of the Antarctic, incredible in accuracy. Still not explanatory miracle – the famous Piri Reis map, compiled in 1513. According to what sources is it compiled? On the map – the coast of Antarctica, freed from the ice shell. Where could the Turkish admiral borrow this image? Today many coastal areas are not visually visible, but identified using special equipment. Try to match this yourself ancient map with a modern image of the sixth continent. Antarctic civilizationA photo from open sources

This finding has been confirmed by research and others. specialists. The “legend” that surrounded the Piri Reis map began to grow. Since the map shows the mountains currently hidden under millennial ice, it was easy to conclude that Piri Reis used a map whose prototype was created 10 thousand years ago in Antarctica, a civilization highly developed, but disappearing by unknown reasons, probably due to the cooling of the climate. This hypothesis was hardly formulated as it was subjected to fierce attacks by some geographers demanding “separate” reality from fiction. “However, the matter did not end there. American scientist Charles G. Hepgood created an interesting hypothesis. is he found that a projection system based on a spherical trigonometry, a new light on Greek antiquity. On the map indicated islands Marajo and Falkland, discovered later, the Atrata River in Yucatan, unknown in that era, and the Andes, while not investigated. As for the Antarctic, its shape correspond to the “profile” of the subglacial era, defined with using the latest technology. Studying and other ancient maps, Hepgood made amazing discoveries. So, on the map of Orontius Finney, created in 1531, there is a very accurate image of Antarctica, where there are not only mountains, but also rivers, the deposits of which formed in a temperate climate, and their age is 6 for thousands of years. On another map drawn by Andrea Beninquaza, it’s clear glaciers of Scandinavia are shown in those borders in which they existed about 14 thousand years ago (according to modern geography). In connection with the glaciers it is interesting to recall that on the ancient maps, for example, a map of Ptolemy of Alexandria, indicate glaciers in Scandinavia and in Germany. Who in the ancient era or in the Middle Ages heard or said anything about the ice age?

Orontius Finney’s Map Photos from open sources

How to solve this riddle? How to explain what the outlines Antarctica transmitted with such accuracy, and Europe is covered in ice? It was logical to conclude that we are talking about civilization, developed 10 thousand years ago in the Antarctic and then for some reason disappearing. Professor Hepgood put forward the theory that “the entire surface of the Earth moves uniformly relative to the core in towards the northern European and American hemispheres. ” Civilization, which we conventionally call “Antarctic”, has reached highly developed in mathematics, astronomy and geography. When she disappeared, all her knowledge passed on to those peoples that we consider ancient; this transition has occurred either in the form of scientific truths supposedly spontaneously discovered by these peoples, or in the form of so-called parallel myths. Mythology of peoples, separated by long distances, parallel myths (epos Gilgamesh, the biblical legend of Noah) and the results of some scientific research in the field of climatology, hydrography and archeology – all this speaks in favor of the Flood hypothesis. Parallel myths of the Quiche Indians, tribes of Mexico and Venezuela, ancient Persians (in Zend-Avesta), ancient Indians (Riga-Veda) and Egyptians (mentioned by Herodotus) claim that the flood accompanied by other terrible events, and above all sudden climate change. Some myths say that “The sun, moon and stars rose once a year, and seemed to be the whole year like one day. “As you know, nowhere else on the globe except polar areas, the sun and moon do not rise only once a year. Before disaster, the memory of which came to us in the form of myths, the climate was warm. Then there was a cooling. Where the earth is yielded two crops a year, harsh winters began. So sharp and unexpected climate change can be explained by the displacement of the earth’s axis. When did all this happen? Exact science data says that the phenomenon that we call the “flood” was lasting. Freshwater algae and volcanic formations found at the bottom Atlantic Ocean, have an age of about 13 thousand years. Niagara “born” also 13 thousand years ago; around the same era the sacred lake of Titicaca and the port of Tiahuayaku rose to a height of 4 thousand meters. All these strange facts are clearly connected with real movements of the earth’s crust and probably accompanied by volcanic eruptions. Further data can be obtained from calendars in different parts of the world. Calculations show that they begin their calculus from some extremely important event that began in 11 652 BC and ending in 11 542, i.e. lasting 110 years All the explanations that can be given to this In fact, remain in the field of hypotheses. Here is the one that seems to us most acceptable. The important “event” in question and which we consider a flood, prepared for a very long time. During many hundreds or even thousands of years, the Earth was approaching the final disaster. The “entry” to it was volcanic eruptions, to which geology attributes the age of about 13 thousand years then the period of rains and increasingly heavy snowfalls began; revelry the blind forces of nature finally led to the completion of this chain of catastrophes – the displacement of the earth’s axis with all the ensuing consequences. Note, by the way, that parallel myths also speak of a sharp climate change and the emergence of polar conditions. They are clear indicate that before the disaster, people lived in an area with a warm climate, which then turned cold. And the only part of the world where the climate was warm at first and then became polar, it’s Antarctic. Dr. Yuri’s research shows that river sediments in the Antarctic formed over 6 thousand years in temperate climate conditions. So the cooling took place gradually. When the cold became unbearable for the population, accustomed to heat, the “Antarctic” left their country. It seems all the more possible because “among some Indian tribes to this day the legend of the forced wandering through the icy fields of “frozen oceans”. You can even suggest that the “Antarctic” knew about the evolution of glaciers on north, that is, in Europe and America, where by this time warm water Gulf Stream put an end to the ice age and where they started vast areas suitable for life and continuation (albeit at a lower level) of the thousand-year Antarctic civilization. Those who survived the catastrophe took with them to save all the achievements of his science. They passed on their knowledge the surrounding tribes, who considered them supernatural beings and attributed to them a divine origin. Antarctica fully assimilated with the surrounding primitive tribes …

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Why did the disaster happen? It’s hard to imagine that the earthly the axis changed its position suddenly. Theory of American professors are more believable. It logically follows from it that the shift the surface of the south led to the same consequences as Earth axis displacement: areas with warm climates close to and it got colder, and the northern regions moved to the equator and warmed up. In the framework of large tectonic movements, it is not excluded that changing the inclination of the earth’s axis. what happened also gradually; but in in the end, this axis has found a new position. Climate Cooling led to the fact that the snow, formerly the former for the “Antarctic” a subject of surprise, stopped melting and became “eternal”, forcing the inhabitants of this country leave from there. It’s hard to draw at least an approximate picture of this tragedy. After all, the very existence of these mysterious “Antarctic” hypothetically, and we do not know anything about their organization, lifestyle, etc. The final word in the disclosure This great mystery belongs to archaeological research. Along with archeology, many others can say their word science to help us in the reconstruction of the first steps taken humanity in its development. Translation of Zinaida BOBYR

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