Antarctic giants wake up

The giants of Antarctica are waking upPhotos from open sources of

Former employee of a secret government unit US Corey Goode (Corey Goode) made a sensational statement. On the to our planet in various places, presumably more in Antarctica and the North Pole, stasis cameras are hidden, in which in the stage of suspended animation are giant people.

In connection with the melting of ice and other climatic, vibrational changes on Earth, these cameras can get out of the usual mode work and awaken the giants from their long sleep, which will lead to unpredictable consequences.

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According to Corey Goode, such cameras were discovered during the reign of Abraham Lincoln, built them, apparently, the Ancients The builders are the highest race that placed these giants in them completely voluntary and, most importantly, it is not clear for what purpose.

At the time of its disappearance, the civilization of the Ancient Builders possessed tremendous technical and mental capabilities. About various artifacts found in caves eloquently say this where the stasis cameras were installed. Even the route of administration a person in suspended animation is simply amazing: it is a unique crystalline a technology very reminiscent of mysterious crystal skulls Ancient Mayans and Incas. That is, such structures are not manufactured, but grown or transformed from a whole piece of space. These amazing crystals do not freeze giants, such as we are trying to do this, but are kind of bubbles of time, changing its course.

A photo from open sources

Deep beneath the ice and in the most inaccessible caves, these stasis the cameras were hidden from people’s eyes, however now, with the melting of ice and other cataclysms of the planet, the secret can easily become apparent, more that the US special services (possibly other countries) have long been purposefully looking for these artifacts throughout the Earth.

Corey Goode admits that he himself did not see the awakened giants and knows nothing about them, however, while working in Secret Space Program had access to some artifacts – smart glass pads (“smart pads of glass”), talking to many experts involved in this topic, and therefore may judge the level of technology of the Ancient Builders. According to him, the awakening of the giants may precede a return to The land of representatives of that highly developed race, which is forcibly squeezed these giants into stasis chambers. Most likely, the Ancients The builders foresaw everything, and we can only wait for them appearances …

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