Antarctica is legendary Atlantis

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Meticulous researchers, of whom there have been plenty at all times, based on the latest archaeological and cryptographic discoveries concerning the famous Khufu pyramid in Egypt, managed to decipher the secret message left by its ancient builders for earthlings, in which it is reported that the legendary Atlantis, first mentioned by Plato, hides beneath the ice of Antarctica. Maybe the harmony in the names of these continents is far from by chance?..

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However, progressive scientists have long suspected this. of the world, let’s say, that was the theory of Charles Hapgood (Charles Hapguda), which was supported by Albert Einstein. Unfortunately at that the time of the evidence base of this bold statement did not exist, just guesses and assumptions, for example,

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Hapgooda used the old nautical charts for this purpose, crumbs of geological studies of this issue and so on. However, this was far from enough for such a revolutionary theory, which at that time was met by orthodox science in bayonets (a natural reaction of academics to everything new, a reaction to the same aggressive that we observe to all new and revolutionary to this day).

The main argument of the “wise scientists” was the eternal cold, which Antarctica was characterized – millions of years under the ice shell! Naturally, about what kind of vegetation and especially highly developed civilization on this dead mainland could there be a speech? ..

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However, recent studies of Antarctica (this was shown biological residues raised from the wells drilled here) prove that this continent is not so long ago covered with ice, not later 12-15 thousand years ago, which is comparable with time the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and the tragedy that occurred with Atlantis.

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Judging by the surviving ancient maps, she was between Africa and America, however as a result of some kind of planetary disaster has moved to the south pole (possibly Earth axis shifted as a result of approaching the mysterious planet Nibiru (Planet X), whose existence is so carefully hidden from to the public, despite numerous evidence progressive researchers).

Isn’t that why Antarctica was so attracting the Nazi Anenerbe (Heritage of the Ancestors) organization, whose members knew about our world is much more than learned orthodox scholars, and even today this the mainland is full of secrets and mysteries that are in no way commensurate with a well-established (imposed on us from the school bench) view of this “lifeless” continent. Is it because all studies on so carefully hidden from the general public. And so Now there is new evidence of where this mysterious Atlantis …

It seems that for academic science this will not be the reason to change something in our views on Antarctica: nourished scientists of the world will simply not be allowed to do this, as they will not much more …

Documentary films presented here with captions on in Russian.

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