Antediluvian centenarians

One of the biggest secrets of the Bible is duration. the lives of her characters. And in fact, is a person able to live more than nine hundred years, like Adam or Seth? The Bible claims no nothing is impossible. But is it? Antediluvian centenariansA photo from open sources Imagine what has been found these days a similar centenarian – the year of his birth would be … one thousand one hundred fourteenth, that is, our hero would be born for a hundred twenty-three years before going to the Russian lands of Batu Khan! And if he suddenly turned out to be a long-liver, celebrating seven hundred years anniversary, then the year of his birth would be one thousand three hundred and fourteenth – in Russian history, even the Battle of Kulikovo has not happened yet! maybe is it like that? Believers firmly say: perhaps the Bible does not lie. But what says science? Patriarchal Eternity If you take the Bible and look at the life expectancy of the first people we really get incomprehensible and incredible in terms of logic numbers. So, we read: Adam, the creator of God, the founder of humanity, lived for 930 years, gave birth to his first child when he was knocked 130. Seth lived 912 years; he gave birth to his first child when he was 105 years old. Enos lived 905 years, gave birth to his first child in 90. Cainan lived 910 years, gave birth to his first child in 70. Methuselah lived 969 years, gave birth to his first child in 187. Noah lived 950 years, gave birth to his first child in 500! It is in modern scripture version. And if you use the Septuagint, that is, a translation from Hebrew into Greek, which was made in III century BC by then pundits, you can to rejoice and admire even more: Adam lived the same 930 years, but he gave birth to the firstborn when he was already 230. Seth – the same 912 years, but gave birth to his first child when he was 205 years old. Noah, as in modern тексте, прожил 950 лет, а первенца родил в 500… A photo from open sources the same, but having such an extra long life begins even later than we know, far after a hundred years. Where from did such numbers appear in the Bible? Hardly a Jewish God, in which is believed by the followers of all three religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), dictated to people incompatible with sound meaning nonsense. It is unlikely that Jewish Talmudists specifically came up with such a lifespan and so late puberty by antediluvian ancestors! But then how to explain it? This biblical the longevity option is suspiciously close to the Sumerian-Akkadian an epos in which the years of rule of the local kings are even longer than the total length of the lives of all the Old Testament patriarchs. For instance, the reign of kings in the city of Eridou is characterized by the following in numbers: Allulim ruled 28,000 years, Allalgar – 36,000 years, Enmenluanna – 43,200 years old. Let’s not bore the reader so much fantastic numbers, especially since their lives were even longer than their stay at the head of state! Yes, there were people in ours time … But how explain this fact to slow-witted parishioners priests: they say, in the antediluvian times, until humanity mired in sins, the righteous (and the patriarchs belong to the righteous) lived happily ever after. And the dates of their lives must be understood literally. AND Do not be surprised and look for mistakes. Or even say that it is some fabulous or monstrous dates. Noah, to whom God determined the salvation of mankind, lived even longer than Adam – 950 years – and the firstborn gave birth, unlike other things, in 500 years! A photo from open sources By the way, they will explain to you, note that after the flood, life expectancy fell sharply. If Adam Lived 930 years, then the grandson of Noah Arfaxad lived 465 years, and the brother of Abraham Nahor – altogether 148. After the flood, long-livers like Noah are no longer It was. And why, by the way, did this happen? Maybe God realized that failed to fix the vicious humanity, and decided not to give sinners of a long earthly life – because the longer these sinners live, the more they sin? Some Bible scholars are convinced that in antediluvian times, people differed not only in duration life, but also growth. Otherwise, why would Noah build on his rescue ark four meter high residential apartments? Such is the height of the decks that Noah built one above the other. Four-meter ceilings are still clear in the palace, but not on the ship. This is not even a luxury, but a frank excess. If only … people were not significantly higher than modern ones. Dinosaurs too there were more modern chest of drawers or crocodiles, and even more elephant. Here our researchers agree with the seekers the remains of giants. Not only that of the giants that descended from cohabitation of angels with the daughters of men is written in the Bible itself, so still periodically find the bones of people high and very high growth. Фотоfrom open sources Some of the apologists of the giants have calculated growth Goliath mentioned in the Bible – it turned out about three meters. By the way, not so high. Even today some individual individuals reach two meters and seventy centimeters. True, unlike the ancient longevity bodies, they die as soon as having reached thirty years, or even earlier. Why? It’s all about climate? The answer to the problem of growth and longevity researchers find in climate change. True, it is incomprehensible about what time period is involved, since the climate is even ten thousand years ago, it didn’t differ much from the modern one. In the preglacial period and even earlier – yes, everything was different there. AND the carbon dioxide content was several times higher, and the heat was incredible, and plants and animals reached very large sizes. But in the era when a man appeared, this was already over. Huge lizards and giant insects a long time ago died out. Glaciers crawled deep south. It has become significantly colder. But in those areas, supporters interrupt my objection biblical longevity, where humanity was born, was not a sharp change in temperature, not even a significant change in seasons, radiation then did not worsen living conditions, but because of more high carbon dioxide people were different modern. They lived much longer and reached sexual maturity much later. And this is due to their growth. At late maturation and slow development of human growth should increase. So the four-meter ceilings in Noah’s Ark, and others are the oddities of biblical history quite natural? Never mind like that, say scientists who study the number system in ancient states. There was no longevity! Simply when the text of the Bible began to be brought together, they brought it together, using very old records. Some of them were made before Babylonian captivity, and many during this captivity. If take into account that the Jews lived among the Babylonians for a long time, they could not not to use the number system and the system of recording numbers with which enjoyed in Babylon. And there was a specific hexadecimal number system with positional and non-positional notation of numbers. AND both were used simultaneously, but for different needs. At positional recording system numbers are strictly entered by digits and from left to right. The smallest category of units is in the far right lane, the highest level is in the left. With non-position recording system special signs were put, thanks to which it was possible to distinguish ten from one. This sign had the form of a slanting stroke. If it was about unity, then the stroke was made smaller and thinner, if about ten – thicker and larger. It was very difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish signs. And in the days following the return of the Jews to their homeland, and It’s probably problematic at all. And so it became rapidly increase the years of life of the patriarchs. Ninety three years turned into nine hundred thirty, ninety-one – into nine hundred ten. True, explain the birth date of the firstborn impossible. Otherwise, it turns out that Adam became a father at the age of thirteen, Enos – in the tenth year of life, and Arfaxad – in the fourth. And rather of all, it is in the features of the record that the reason longevity of antediluvian people. Especially since today you can encounter errors in recording dates of birth and death. To the resident one small town in Siberia an employee of the passport office issued a wonderful document where everything was correct, except for the date birth – 1675! Why not a long-lived woman? Nikolay KOTOMKIN

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