Archaeologists approach the secret of Teotihuacan

For archaeological research of an ancient abandoned city Teotihuacan in Mexico began none other than a robot. His task is replace people where they themselves can no longer get. The automated device was named Tlaloc II – after Aztec god of rain and thunder.

On Monday, the robot made its first discovery. After several months of rigorous research Tlaloc II discovered three chambers in the tunnel under the temple of Quetzalcoatl, built more two thousand years ago.

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Sergio Gomez, archaeologist: “This confirms information about the existence of large space in end of the aisle, and it’s probably three cameras. There is a lot of rubble therefore, the team cannot continue reconnaissance. ”

Archaeologists hope to find the burial of the rulers of the mysterious cities. Although research has been going on for a century, social the life of Teotihuacan’s citizens remains a mystery, shrouded in darkness. And to so far not a single tomb has been discovered and not a single images of the rulers of this city.

Sergio Gomez, archaeologist: “This is a good the opportunity to try and understand what is the significance of these tunnels. There is a hypothesis that the cells may contain the remains of important people or something else that can give an idea of ​​their activities. ”

Tlaloc II, consisting of three independent from each other remotely controlled mechanisms to continue research the tunnel. Archaeologists, meanwhile, will clean up the rubble.

Teotihuacan is considered the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere, but when exactly it was built is unknown. Scientists suggest that he occupied an area of ​​about 28 square kilometers, and on his The territory was inhabited by approximately two hundred thousand people.

In the middle of the VII century, the city was abandoned. After some time it was discovered by the Aztecs and called Teotihuacan, which is translated means – city of the gods. This historical and archaeological complex was declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

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