Archaeologists have discovered an ancient city in Israel about 5000 years old

Archaeologists have discovered in Israel an ancient city about 5000 years oldA photo from open sources

Near Ein Iron Israeli archaeologists stumbled upon the remains of an ancient city, which according to preliminary estimated at about 5,000 years old. This information became known from National Antiquities Authority.

Scientists believe that the discovered large city belongs to the era early bronze age. The approximate area of ​​the ancient city about 65 hectares.

According to archaeologists, this city is a kind of “New York” of the early Bronze Age, since the population of the city for those times was quite large – no less 6 thousand people.

According to researchers, this city was located behind a fortified wall and was divided into residential areas and recreation areas. Among the ruins, a structure was discovered that could be altar.

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Andrey Vetrov


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