Archaeologists have discovered an ancient civilization Amazonia, previously unknown to science

Archaeologists have discovered the most ancient civilization of the Amazon, previously unknown to scienceA photo from open sources

According to Nature Communications, archaeologists have done astounding discovery – they discovered numerous remains people supposedly belonging to an unknown civilization, who lived in the southern part of modern Amazonia.

The discovery is truly amazing, since until now It was believed that people in this region never lived, that this area was simply unsuitable for existence person.

As researchers now believe, here on the territory modern reserve, lived before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors “lost tribes” of the Indians, and they were here quite a bit of. As experts at the University of Exeter say, only in the small part of Amazonia that they examined lived as at least up to hundreds of thousands of people, talk about how many of them are here it was actually just too early.

Since excavations in this area never produced, we can make a definite conclusion: the whole story Amazonia will probably have to be reviewed.

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