Archaeologists have discovered ancient Byzantine iPod

Archaeologists excavate in Turkey, discovered a 1200-year-old a wooden object that they claim is ancient equivalent to a tablet computer. This is Byzantine the invention was found in the remains of one of the 37 ships, discovered in the Istanbul area. In this territory, known how the port of “Theodosius” excavations were carried out over the past 10 years. Photos from open sources

“Theodosius” was built in the 4th century, during the reign the Byzantine emperor Theodosius I and was the most important commercial port of the city. It is likely that the wreck on which and found this little thing, went to the Black Sea to transport goods from Crimea to Chersonesos. Experts believe that this happened around the 9th century AD. Most likely wooden the Byzantine find belonged to the captain of the ship. Thin cap “iPod” was framed by exquisite carvings and inlaid expensive jewelry. Unlike a modern tablet, the ancient the laptop looks much more massive than a modern one. His working the surface includes a set of five rectangular overheads panels with carved squares that are covered with wax. Font these panels are in Greek. Also in an ancient laptop an application was hidden inside the bottom of the panel. It was under the sliding cover of the find, in the form of a plate with carved holes. Most likely, this application served as weights. Archaeologists are sure that since the discovered ship was trading, the tool found in it was most likely used to assess the value of some items. Analytical balance ancient “iPod” were used to determine the content metal in ore and types of precious metals in alloy. Ancient the laptop was easy to carry. Each panel had four holes – they were drilled in two pairs to tie a laptop together, most likely with leather straps. Today a group of Istanbul scientists are busy restoring a merchant ship, with the aim of sending the ship back to sail in 2015.

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