Archaeologists have discovered in the Sahara desert ancient fish remains

Archaeologists have discovered the ancient remains of fish in the Sahara desertA photo from open sources

A group of scientists from Italy and Belgium found in the south-west of Libya more than 18 thousand fossilized remains of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds.

According to archaeologists, fossils discovered in the Sahara are among which about 80% of fish bones say that in ancient times on this landless land was water.

The place where excavations are currently underway is located on a mountain range Tadrart Akakus. Researchers are sure that in these parts of the world once lived an ancient man, what the discovered fossils say human food waste.

A photo from open sources /

However, scientists believe that the discovered bones were mined man, and are not the remains of the inhabitants of these places. In the process research of almost 18 thousand fragments, two species were identified ancient fish: tilapia (crucian carp) and catfish.

Some of the earliest finds, experts attribute to 10200 BC, and later attributed to 4650 BC it suggests that during the early and middle Holocene in place The Sahara Desert was a water-rich region.


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