Archaeologists have discovered the burial of “eggheads” people

Archaeologists have discovered the burialA photo from open sources

The archaeological expedition near Zavodoukovsk, in the time of which was discovered at the Ustyug tract burial of the Huns. This was reported by the press service of Tsogu.

Among the found remains of ancient nomads, skulls were found, having an ovoid shape. Researchers believe that this form skulls was achieved surgically. They performed an operation in Infant bandaging children heads. Those who are did, expected to receive in the future from the offspring of leadership wars qualities.

All artifacts found during excavations may have historical sensation. The emergence of the Huns in Asia and Western Siberia took place much earlier than in Europe. Data artifacts, according to researchers, should confirm this hypothesis.

A photo from open sources

Who are the Huns

The Huns were an ancient nomadic people inhabiting the territory of China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Hun invasion of Eastern Europe has become the beginning of the so-called “Great Migration” and the fall Roman Empire. Attila – the leader of the Huns, creating a military power, expanded the habitat of his tribe to the Caucasus. When Attila died, the state without its founder fell apart.

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