Archaeologists have discovered the impossible ancient settlement age 45 thousand years

Archaeologists have discovered an impossible ancient settlement of 45 thousand years oldA photo from open sources

Traces found by an international team of researchers an ancient settlement of people located high in the mountains. By estimates of archaeologists, this settlement is about 45 thousand years old. Earlier it was believed that settlements in the mountains appeared much later, since they were least suitable for permanent residence. Informs tabloid Science Alert.

Researchers carefully studied the shelter in Finch-Haber Rock, located at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level in the south Ethiopia In those places, archaeologists have discovered a huge amount stone artifacts, remains of ceramics, ostrich eggs and glass jewelry in the form of beads.

The most ancient artifacts date back 31,000-47,000 years, when approaching the end of the era of glaciation. Also known about temporary parking lot of Denisov people living at an altitude of about 4600 meters above sea ​​level on the eastern side of the Tibetan plateau is about 160 thousand years ago. Archaeologists have confirmed that people modern type erected their homes at the same height. However, the ancient settlement discovered in Ethiopia was more long term.

After studying soil samples, scientists concluded that about 10,000 years ago, ancient Ethiopians living in the mountains began to practice cattle breeding.

According to scientists, the main cause of the settlement in mountains – lack of drinking water in the valleys, and nearby the ice sheet could provide people with water for a long time.

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