Archaeologists have discovered the mysterious ancient facilities

Archaeologists have discovered mysterious ancient structuresPhoto from open sources

Dublin College scientists found about 40 unknown archaeological buildings that are nearby Newgrange – the famous megalithic structure of Ireland.

Scientists were able to detect these objects thanks to technology. remote sensing, laser scanning and application drones.

These buildings date from the period from 4000 years BC – until 2500 years of our era.

Interestingly, one of the monuments is precisely focused on sunrise sun during the winter solstice. This monument is 300 years old younger than Newgrange himself, which was built around 3200 year BC.

Earlier we reported that the expedition to Kenozerye found unusual artifact, whose age was about 4000 years. August 2 Kenozero National Park revealed mysterious information find.

Andrey Vetrov

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