Archaeologists have found a case with the Ahnenerbe logo and mysterious skulls

Archaeologists have found a case with a logoA photo from open sources

Russian archaeologists in the remote mountainous regions of the North Caucasus that were captured during World War II by the Nazis, they found a case with the Ahnenerbe logo and a box with a very mysterious skulls – either people of an unearthly race, or a hybrid human and alien.

A photo from open sources

To clarify, the Nazi organization Ahnenerbe (“Anenerbe”) created by the Third Reich officially ostensibly to search for information, documents and artifacts confirming the Aryan tradition of Germany – hence the name “Ancestral Heritage”. However, in fact, she was a scientific, highly classified occult organization, carrying out from 1935 to 1945 numerous expeditions to to the whole world in order to search for everything related to esoteric knowledge, protocivilizations and aliens.

A photo from open sources

Excavations in remote mountainous areas (coordinates not specifically specified), where there were fighting battles of the Second World War, began back in last year, according to locals in the area based in the war the German part, which was engaged in some strange searches. The mountain collapse that occurred, whether random or whether provoked by the Nazis themselves, buried them all under a stone avalanche.

No wonder this place became a pilgrimage for black archaeologists who found here a lot of all kinds of traces previous war: German weapons, helmets, equipment and much more, what German journalists even released a small documentary film.

A photo from open sources

And now, another unique find – traces of the organization Ahnenerbe, but most importantly – mysterious skulls that can deliver to a dead end not only by orthodox scientists, but also independent researchers …

Recall that this is not the first such find in the North Caucasus, and also with the attributes of a fascist organization “Anenerbe” and certainly mysterious skulls …


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