Archaeologists have found human remains in Peru with extra limbs

Archaeologists have found in Peru human remains with additional limbsA photo from open sources

In the Peruvian city of Huanchaco on the north coast of the country did amazing discovery. Local archaeologists unearthed mysterious burials, whose age is estimated at about two thousand years. Scientists were somewhat shocked when they noticed in the ancient graves human skeletons with extra arms and legs!

Of course, after some thought, the experts came to to the conclusion that someone probably just left the remains redundant limbs, however, the authors of the find still can not get off from the feeling that bones of strange anthropomorphic creatures were discovered with many arms and legs. Just some kind of mysticism.

But even if there is a rational and a simple explanation, the discovery still looks rather sinister. Why did someone need to put extra in the graves limbs, and where did they come from? That should mean somewhere there are graves with skeletons that have no arms and legs.

A photo from open sources

In total, archaeologists stumbled upon 54 graves belonging to the local Viru culture. This little-studied culture existed. in about 100-750 years of our era in the region of Libertad, as well as in the Viru and Chikama valleys in the territory of modern Peru. Indians created large adobe structures and even erected a whole a fortress that has become the center of their society. They were engaged in rural farming, growing beans, corn, cotton, pepper and much another, and also successfully fished.

Peruvian scientists have yet to figure out the purpose of such strange funeral ritual. For example, in one grave was the skeleton of a man with four arms, and in the other – the remains teenage girl with three legs. Victor Campagna, managing director excavation, argues that with the naked eye is impossible determine which limbs belonged during life to one or another to the dead. It is hoped that experts will solve this strange a riddle …


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