Archaeologists Kachalov: falsification of history ancient Russia continues to this day

Archaeologists Kachalov: falsification of the history of ancient Russia continues to this dayA photo from open sources

Russian archaeologists Elena and Igor Kachalov claim that the falsification of the history of ancient Russia continues to this day. Rather will say this: all the evidence that the Russians are descendants of the Rus – the ancient white gods of the great Arctic Hyperborea, which was practically the foundation of all of today’s civilizations are being destroyed all over the planet. For example, very this is evident in Egypt.

A photo from open sources

How the Egyptian authorities remove the Slavic footprints in their stories

Why any archaeological site is associated with mass bans and reservations, especially for Russians? Moreover, as soon as there is something worthwhile as the Egyptian authorities close the same research, while developing in its place activity. For example, more recently, an international group archaeologists discovered a mysterious void in the pyramid of Cheops. how only this sensational message flew around the world, the Egyptian authorities immediately made a refutation of this information, as if officials know much more in archeology than experts. Long time it was believed that this way Egypt wants to look discoverer of sensational finds. It wasn’t like that conspiracy therapists found out, the most valuable artifacts are immediately sold secret societies and private collectors, and all that is not fits into the official history – is destroyed or falsified. Here is what Elena Kachalova writes about this:

Pay attention to the murals of ancient tombs in Valley of the Kings: why are so many faces obliterated, like the borders of dresses? It turns out during the accelerated “restoration” (once my husband and I became occasional witnesses of such barbarism in relation to historical monuments) are rubbed or scraped off the walls Slavic faces (bearded and blue-eyed people), as well as solar ornaments bearing Vedic symbolism are destroyed ancient Slavs. And all this or is left in this ugly (without goals), or on cleared places that corresponds to the generally accepted history, where there is no places of Slavic trace.

Oral traditions and genetic memory are not amenable to falsifications

But in the oral epics and legends of the ancient Slavs, these the “monuments” of ancient antiquity, which cannot be corrected, clean and rewrite, it says that after our death Hyperborean Arctic ancestral home due to planetary catastrophe, part of the Russians went to the lands of Egypt, in order to help his people recover from a cataclysm. It was they who became those white gods, who taught the local population many wisdom, it was they originated the “divine dynasty” of ancient Egypt and were immortalized on the frescoes of the tombs, which today are intensely overwritten.

Slave by nature to the Western world, the great history of the Slavs always was like a bone in grief, but because his followers did everything possible to rewrite it, representing our ancestors wild tribes who only in the IX-X century began to join civilization thanks to Christianity and writing based Old Slavonic alphabet of Cyril and Methodius. However recent data say otherwise, just violent Christianization and the falsification of Slavic history was a huge brake, and not not only for the development of Russia itself, but also for humanity as a whole.

Who is behind all this, omnipotent and powerful that he managed is it so clever to turn history inside out? The conspiracy theorists have a lot of assumptions in this regard, get acquainted with their theories in Internet is not so difficult today. This short article does not such global goals are set, we just want to show that Russia it is no coincidence that it is the center of this world, no matter how humiliated it is or tried to destroy, she was and remains his spiritual core and the key to a bright future. It is in the Slavic people originally – in genes, in divine destiny, in anything. And no matter how hard you try to extinct all of this from historical monuments and distort in ancient writings, no one can touch the main thing – the historical role of the hegemonic people, who are “weak” in their kindness and trustfulness, but the same and strong, because at the core of its foundations worldview lies – all-forgiving and all-consuming divine Love.

We also invite you to get acquainted with an interesting video – the story of a famous writer and researcher of Russian history George Sidorov, who in witty form explains why Europeans hate Russians, not even realizing this hatred, even wondering yourself when you ask them in the forehead, but for what, in fact, such hatred?

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