Archaeologists learned when people began to populate North America

Archaeologists learned when people began to populate North America.A photo from open sources

Relatively recently, archaeologists have discovered a lot in Idaho. various artifacts, among which were various stone tools, created 16600 years ago. These findings are evidence of the presence of people in America at that time, as well as allow us to draw conclusions about the ways of their settlement throughout the continent.

Thanks to radiocarbon analysis, scientists have found the exact age of artifacts found on the Cooper Ferry site near the river Salmon (Idaho).

It turns out that people lived in these territories at a time when most of North America was still covered in ice, and by mastodons, mammoths, horses, saber-toothed cats roamed the continent and even camels. Fragments of bones were also found among artifacts. ancient animals.

Archaeologists have discovered that ancient people lived in places that were south of the continental ice sheets that existed in that time is about 16,600 years ago. Then people left these places and returned 13,300 years ago.

The most ancient artifacts are 4 sharp stone tools, used for cutting and scraping, and another 43 stones that remained from the manufacture of stone tools themselves. In those places were also coal, a hearth, a rock cracked by fire, and evidence of food processing.

Recent results fully confirm the version that in at the very beginning of migration to America, people headed down the route along the Pacific coast, but not inland ice-free corridor.

The Cooper Ferry people were hunting and gathering, most likely, in small groups – up to 25 people. They did several movements annually in order to gain access to important for life resources, archaeologists say.

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