Archaeologists unearthed a Slavic woman appearance, a million years old

Archaeologists unearthed a woman of Slavic appearance, whose age is a million yearsA photo open source research team led by Professor Kislenkov, during the excavation of one nothing remarkable burial mound accidentally discovered the oldest burial (reports Young woman of Slavic appearance was buried under a layer of sand, which pulled all the moisture out of the body, thereby mummifying him. Radiographic and carbon analysis showed that the age of the find is approximately a million years. This find capable of turning upside down modern ideas about evolution of life on our planet. Moreover, the appearance of the white women are practically no different from the inhabitants of modern Perm or Ryazan. Samples taken by miraculously surviving organics, after genetic analysis showed that the woman is Russian. After checking the reliability of the examinations, Kislenkov intends to publish report on his discovery, which may provide him with the Nobel the prize. I must say that this is not the first such discovery in this area. To Kislenkov, who does not fit into the Procrustean bed British scientists discovered the find by discovering excavating a white woman’s mummy in North China after excavating in front of the famous “Wall of China.” And although that find is compared with “a woman who would be a million years old” – just “baby”, however, and she refutes the theory of origin people from the African continent. New research data top geneticists from around the world claim that humanity appeared simultaneously on all continents. Also research show that in the past peoples were more genetically “pure” and active mixing of races began only a few hundred years ago. All it poses inexplicable riddles to modern pundits, which they hopefully decide in the near future. Now how never, science is on the verge of unprecedented discoveries, and knowledge our past, present and future. We all live in amazing the time when yesterday’s seemingly unshakable postulates are crumbling like a house of cards. But life is so beautiful that nothing you cannot know in advance and for sure. Is not it?

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