Archaeologists with the help of lidar did amazing discovery regarding Maya civilization

Archaeologists with the help of lidar made an amazing discovery regarding the Mayan civilizationA photo from open sources

It’s well known that the jungle can hide many secrets of the past, because to conduct archaeological excavations in impassable wilds difficult, almost impossible. However to the aid of an archaeologist today came such an amazing device as lidar, which allows scan the environment, creating two-dimensional and even three-dimensional pictures of what is on the ground under the forest and shrub cover, as its light rays pass through the plants, however, reflected off stone surfaces.

Therefore, discover the walls, foundations of ancient buildings for lidara is not difficult. It is because of this a group of eighteen archaeologists managed quite easily and quickly scan the jungle of the Yutakan Peninsula and to my surprise, I find almost 70 thousand different Mayan civilization buildings. In addition, scientists have discovered hundreds kilometers of roads that once connected ancient cities and more small settlements.

A photo from open sources

According to preliminary estimates based on today’s discovery, somewhere in the 5th-8th centuries AD there were no residents of Yutakan less than 11 million representatives of this nationality, that is, on each kilometer accounted for up to 120 Mayans. Moreover, this civilization has achieved much more in construction, agriculture, communications and much more than previously thought.

Previous archaeological approaches, says the author of this Marcelo Canuto’s research can be compared to a blind search, and diggers of antiquities themselves – with myopic people. Lidar in this case – those glasses that finally got modern “short-sighted archeology”.

However, not all archaeologists of the world, having met with Kanuto’s group study results, agree with his findings, although they appreciated this discovery. However, in their opinion, lidar is only a preliminary scan of the area, on based on the results of which it is possible to carry out these archaeological excavations. That is, replace classical archeology such an approach cannot possibly …

Mayan Civilization Plants

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