Archeology is the most secret and dangerous the science

Archeology is the most secret and dangerous sciencePhoto from open sources

Most people claim that archeology is the most secret science, may cause surprise or even condescending a smile. Remember, for example, the ironic comedy of Eldar Ryazanov “Garage”, where the son of academician Miloserdov (played by actor Igor Kostolevsky) emphasizes that he chose archeology, not diplomacy and prestigious MGIMO, because this profession meets his the need to be out of politics and out of the spotlight the public. In archeology, they say, everything is peacefully archaic and understandably…

In reality, nothing is hiding with such care (neither military nor diplomatic secrets, nor even information about UFOs) in our world as archaeological finds, because many of them completely refute everything that is hammered into our heads with school bench starting with Darwin’s theory of evolution and the origin of man and ending with what constitutes our solar system, space and the universe as a whole.

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Despite the fact that some of the so-called “inconvenient artifacts “are still made public, say, the mysterious structures of the ancient world (the same pyramids, scattered around the world), stainless iron “London hammer “, which is 100 million years old, found in the sixties of the last century, a flashlight “primitive man”, working on nuclear energy, the bulk of compromising evidence (hundreds of thousands of objectionable archaeological finds) are carefully classified.

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For example, in Germany, the Society Archive is considered top-secret. merchants who once traded with medieval Novgorod. Why? Yes therefore, it describes a huge and powerful empire that was at that time on the territory of modern Russia, having nothing in common with the so-called princely Russia.

In Russia itself, in its National Library there is no access to runic documents collected once by Russian scientists Sulakadzev and Neustroyev transferred to the state in due time. You you cannot even get a list of these manuscripts. And such a picture observed throughout our “amazing” world.

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Why are ancient knowledge hiding, the true history of the Earth? Yes because this knowledge is contrary to materialistic doctrine modern society, where even religions have long turned into servants of the golden calf and demonic forces. The powers that be are not they need spiritual and free personalities, they need slaves of their passions and desires that are so easy to manage.

Archeology is the most dangerous science

But archeology is also a dangerous science, because ignorance is true spiritual laws of this world can lead to tragic consequences, and not only for the archaeologist himself, for example, who opened the tomb of Tutankhamun, but for all mankind in whole. There are many examples of this:

  • the destructive Masonic revolution in France, called later historians of something great, began immediately after desecration the tombs of Michel Nostradamus;
  • before the first world war, archaeologists opened the tombs the rulers of the ancient Sumerian city of Ur (in particular the king Mescalamduga), although spiritual people warned that this should be done in no case impossible;
  • about the same thing happened before the Great Patriotic war in the USSR, when scientists, despite warning local elders, unearthed the grave of Tamerlane;
  • the ongoing Arab-Israeli war has begun in sixties of the last century right away like Israeli diggers opened the “Tower of Babel” and opened the sarcophagi of the ancients rulers.

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No less serious “archaeological disturbances” occurred before massacre in Yugoslavia, before the start of the current confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, and so on.

Independent researchers who are trying to relate all of these events together, like those who advocate the disclosure of all archaeological secrets are immediately declared charlatans and instantly driven out of science. It is at best, at worst – just destroyed.

So through the mouth of the son of Miloserdov in the famous painting of Ryazanov a very sophisticated thought sounded: where are diplomats, politicians and all the more so to actors before the profession of an archaeologist, in whose hands often not only secrets, but also the fate of the whole world …

War Time Pyramids Russia

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