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We are taught from school that the first ancient man appeared on Earth two hundred two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, and millions of years only dinosaurs walked around the planet. However there are archaeological finds that refute this “immutable the truth. ”

For example, in many caves of the planet, say, in the same Italian in Val Camonica, discovered cave paintings of people in spacesuits dressed in modern trousers, hats, shirts and boots. Moreover, the age of such drawings is surprisingly large – they were inscribed on the stone of the caves ten to fifty thousand years ago. Where from such information from ancient people, which, judging by the official were the stories still wild at that time?

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The second, even more amazing artifact seems to be The London Hammer is a large iron hammer found in 1936. year in Texas (London), which only nowadays was thoroughly studied. It turns out he is one hundred million years old! It turns out that dinosaurs did it, or already existed at that time people with such sophisticated technology.

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The boot imprint on the trilobite fossil two hundred to six hundred million years. Trilobites themselves lived, at least two hundred and fifty million years ago. But the most interesting when scientists thoroughly studied this imprint, they found that the sandal that left him was stitched with a double seam, moreover more perfect than used in the last century (time excavation of this fossil). It turns out that people already existed half a billion years ago, and they went at that time in such modern sandals.

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Finally, the discovery of the most ancient atomic energy does not give scientists peace. reactor in Africa (Gabon, 1972). Despite assurances skeptics that he could be of natural origin arises the question is – why did nature create it and is it even possible in principle? Unfortunately, at one time this reactor was not thorough surveyed, and as a result of mining in this place (mining of uranium ore) it completely collapsed and disappeared, and remaining unsolved mystery.

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And these are just some of the many artifacts that “take into question” the generally accepted theory of origin man …

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