Artifacts from the distant future

A photo from open sources

Time after time, objects fall into the hands of historians, not corresponding to their historical era. It always puts them in deadlock, because they are not able to explain it. That’s just some of these cases.

Package from the burgomaster

August 26, 1912 the burgomaster of the Norwegian city of Ott Johan Nigard sent a package to the Moscow Post Office, on which it is written: open after 100 years. About the contents of the Nigard package kept silent. Norwegian and Swedish newspapers wrote about the action. The bag was voluminous, but lightweight, sealed and sealed with sealing wax. is he safely survived two World Wars and survived until designated dates.

A photo from open sources

On the appointed day in the presence of journalists and a TV package was opened. Before the eyes of the sensations awaiting sensations, Norwegian flag and magistracy service documents, not of no interest. But there was a sensation. Among the paper trash were two newspapers of 1914!


Access to the capital’s mail store Nygard did not have. Besides addition, according to experts, the package since it was sealed and sealed, never opened. The inscription on the package was made by the burgomaster’s hand, which eliminates its substitution outsiders.

Greeting card from grandfather

In the early 50s of the XX century, Rita Harsfeld, who lived in Louisville (USA), received a greeting card from his grandfather from Frankfurt with a view of the city. For many years the postcard was kept in family as a memory, until in 2002, by chance, it turned out that it captures buildings that were not yet in the 50s. Unemotional Internet reported that the card was printed mass circulation in 1983.

More than a dozen witnesses confirmed that they saw a postcard in Harsfeld family until 1983. Graphologists are sure that the text on it written by Rita’s grandfather who died in 1959. Experts investigated ink and concluded that their composition is identical to ink, manufactured in the 50s of the XX century.

Amazing prosthesis

At the end of the 19th century, a cemetery was moved in the suburbs of Marseille. Graves of more than a hundred years ago were opened. Supervised the process of the physician was very interested in one of the skeletons that had a prosthesis in the hip part. The physician took the find and subsequently repeatedly showed to his colleagues in whom she always it was astonishing: neither to make nor to implant such prostheses in XIX century could not, not to mention earlier times.

Descriptions and drawings of the find dating from 1903 have been preserved. Today’s doctors look at them indifferently: since the 1970s the installation of such hip endoprostheses was delivered literally on stream. But in the 19th century, doctors couldn’t talk about this and dream.

Strange tooth

The skull found in Mexico is over a hundred years old. He is interesting in that that has a false tooth made of cermet – the material that appeared only at the end of the 20th century. Dentists confirm that the tooth was installed during human life. Moreover, they are sure that with The installation used materials and tools from the end of the 20th century.

All these cases indicate that time movements rare but possible. Johan Nigard and Mr. Harsfeld, briefly in the future, returned back, bringing with them “souvenirs”, one – the first newspapers that came across, the second – a postcard. As for owners of the prosthesis and false metal-ceramic tooth, then this, apparently our contemporaries, who were much less fortunate: “failed” in the past, they remained in it forever.

Ancient artifacts

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