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Asleep CivilizationA photo from open sources

And civilization is sleeping happy until today, and she will sleep until the mistake in the creation of figurative sleepy will find. Our people were happily awake in the territory which now due to the borders of such states as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, England, Germany, France, India, China and many others large and small states. More recently, only five thousand years ago, in the real world our people were still awake happily in the territory from the Mediterranean and Black Seas to the extreme northern latitude. We are Asians, Europeans, Russians and those who Americans themselves called recently – in fact, human gods from one civilization Vedrus. There was a period of life on our planet called Vedic. In the Vedic period of his life on earth, humanity reached the level of sensory knowledge, allowing him collective the idea to create energy images. And humanity has committed transition to a new period of his life – Figurative. Via collective images of energy images, humanity got the opportunity to create in the universe. It could build life similar to earth on other planets. Could if, passing The figurative period has not made a single mistake. But in the period imagery, which lasted nine thousand years of earthly, always a mistake was made in creating one or several images A mistake was made if on Earth, in human community, there were people with insufficient purity of thoughts, culture of feelings and thoughts. She closed the possibility of creativity in universal expanses, translated humanity to occultism. The occult period of human life lasts only one thousand years. Started he is with intense degradation of human consciousness. In the end as a result, degradation of consciousness, lack of purity of thoughts with high level of knowledge and opportunities, always brought humanity to a planetary disaster. This has been repeated many times over billions. earthly years. Now on Earth is the Occult period of human life. And, as always, a planetary disaster should have happened scale. It should have been, but her deadline has passed. The end of the occult Millennium passed. Now everyone needs to understand purpose, essence and what the mistake was made. Each other helping mentally go all the way of history in the opposite direction, identify the mistake, and then the era of a happy life on earth will come. One that was not yet in the history of the planet. Her universe with waiting for a secret breath and great hope. Still living, over dominating the majority, the forces of darkness and feverishly try minds to rule people. But they did not notice for the first time how unusually led themselves buckets even five thousand years ago. When the distorted consciousness an image was born on Earth, who wished to rule over all people, the first war between people began. And people in a way followers, began to kill each other. This has happened on Earth many times. before a planetary catastrophe. But this time … Into the battles on the non-material plane, the civilization of the Vedruses did not enter for the first time. On the territories of large and small, consciousness, turning off part and feelings, the buckets were falling asleep. As if the old man stayed on land: children were born, homes were built, orders of attackers performed. It seemed the dark buckets were obeyed, but the secret is the great was: unconquered, asleep, the buckets remained living on all planes of being. And the happy civilization sleeps right up to of today, and she will sleep until the error in creation figuratively awake will not find. The mistake of today led the civilization of the earth. When the error is with absolute accuracy it will be determined that the words of the sleeper and the sleeping can also be heard from sleep by a friend friend begin to awaken. Who invented such a move, I can’t say probably the inventor was very close to God. Try it at least a little bit, and you, the Vedruss, wake up, look at the course of history. On the continents of different people fell asleep. Three thousand years ago our people were awake only in the territory of present-day Russia. Then the time has come for dark forces on the whole Earth. And only on the islet, now called Russia, happily continued live buckets. They needed, really needed to hold out one more millennium. Decide how to transfer knowledge for the future, comprehend on Earth what is happening and as a mistake in the future do not repeat. They managed to survive on this island for another fifteen hundred years. Not on material plan attacks repulsed. Already all over the earth power over with the human mind, darkness has taken over. Priests who put themselves above God, their they decided to create the occult world. They managed to intoxicate a third of the world. Yes, nothing could be done bad all the forces of darkness with the people ours on this island, which is now called Russia. But one and a half only thousands of years ago the last islet fell asleep. Civilization earthly, the people who knew God fell asleep to wake up predawn new reality. Believed the powers of darkness that forever him they managed to destroy the culture, knowledge, desire of the soul. That’s because today they are trying to hide history from all the people of the earth Russian people. In fact, much more is behind by this. Through hiding the history of Russia, which is a stepping stone in a wonderful world serves, in fact, they try to hide happily living civilization of the earth. Culture, knowledge and a sense of knowing God the happiest civilization in which your ancestors lived.

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