Astrologers: In 2013, the world faces a serious danger

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Astrologers and psychics told what awaits the planet in the coming year. Merry Christmas at the Orthodox begin Christmas. IN it’s customary to do carols and fortune telling, even though that the church categorically forbids it. But astrologers already decided on forecasts for next year. What the stars prophesy Russia and the whole world, the correspondent of MTRK Mir recognized Sergey Poles. It seems to be the “end of the world” according to the forecasts of the Maya Indians left behind, but the “black raven” of the apocalypse seems to be over the planet is still circling. In the new year, the world is facing another, not less serious danger. “My tongue doesn’t even turn to say what kind of danger it is, “says numerologist Elena Music. It’s all about the number 13, in Jupiter – the fifth planet from the Sun – and energies of the earth. Together, they affect numbers. According to Elena Music, a quiet life in the world will end in early summer. “Fire” on The Middle East will flare up more strongly and Russia will not remain in side.

“Next year our government will have a question entry into the world war, “notes Elena Music. But it’s up to economic difficulties to the government are predicted not by numbers, but by stars. Astrologer Alexander Zaraev is sure that in 2013 a new one will break out economic collapse. Like five years ago, will challenge him US economic policy. “It will be an autumn crisis. I can’t say that the same as in 2008. Rather, it will be echoes of 2008 of the year, “says Alexander Zaraev. According to the astrologer, the speech is about the global crisis associated with the “need rebuild relations between countries and domestic relations between politicians. “However, not everything is so bad – Russia is entering a new round of development and the end of the year, the well-being of citizens, despite global trends will grow. Not afraid of numbers 13 and psychic Daria Mironova. Her crystal ball alone promises career growth, money to others, and love to others. “Everything about the number 13 – it’s luck, and as a result of chance, ”said Daria Mironova. 2012, I’m sure the psychic, “rebellious” – was more difficult. And in the new on the contrary, Russians expect a lot of good. “Will of course the next riot, when all three will gather – 03/13/13. But this wedding riot, ”emphasizes Daria Mironova. All year luck on side of the “serpents” in the eastern horoscope, especially if they were born in the hot summer months. Western – in September and October – the year will bring success in business to the autumn zodiac signs. Most favorable the month for everyone is April. So for negative events on the calendar there are not so many days left.

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