Prophecy of Saint Benedictine Nun

The Prophecy of the Holy Benedictine NunA photo from open sources

Apocalyptic prophecy, which will be discussed below, owned by a Benedictine nun and was made in the twelfth century.

Hildegard von Bingen (aka St. Hildegard of Bingen, German Hildegard von Bingen) was born into the family of Nildebert and Mehtilda, nobles who obeyed only the emperor. She was the tenth a child in the family and was educated in a Benedictine monastery, the superior of which was Jutta von Sponheim.

After the death of the abbess in 1136, Hildegard took over self leadership community. Desiring to make life easier for the monastic community, she set less strict dietary rules, reduced time prayers and liturgies, which, of course, caused a lot of controversy.

From her youth, she had visions about which she originally told only to her mentor Jutte. At the age of forty two Hildegard’s years, in her own words, received the divine command to write down your visions. After much doubt, she consulted with her confessor, who showed her notes abbot.

Nun during one of her visions

A photo from open sources

At the insistence of the abbot and local archbishop Hildegard continued to record and in ten years recorded 26 visions that amounted to her work Sci vias lucis (“Know the ways of the light, that is, the Lord”), commonly known as Scivias, a visionary image of the entire circle being from the Trinity to the Last Judgment.

One of the visions described in the book is terrible earthquake and comet:

“Only a few men will remain, seven women will fight for one man and ask: “Marry me and save me from shame” because that in those days it would be a shame for a woman not to have a baby. ”

“Even before the Comet arrives, the great people living behind the ocean (America), inhabited by people of different tribes and generations, will be ravaged by an earthquake, hurricane and tidal waves. is he will be divided, and most will be under water. This people see many more misfortunes at sea. He will lose his colonies on east between the Tigris and Leo.

With its tremendous pressure, the Comet will displace so much water from the ocean, that it will flood many countries and cause poverty and various diseases. All coastal cities will be flooded, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves. Most living things will die, and even those who can escape will die from terrible diseases. And there will be no living person in any of these cities God’s command. ”

Many people believe that this vision applies to our time. and something terrible awaits us in the future.

Hildegard’s Visions from a Medical Perspective

The numerous visions of modern medicine explain the available Hildegard has a migraine and visual aura. In left in 1958 detailed study on Hildegard Singer lists their most typical features: “In all visions, a luminous point or group of points. Dots flicker and move, usually undulating, and most often perceived as stars or burning eyes. In a fairly large number of cases, the central source of light, brighter than all others, surrounded by oscillating in concentric circles … ”

A photo from open sources

One of these visions – falling into the ocean and fading stars there – means for Hildegard “the fall of angels”: “I saw a huge a star shining and infinitely beautiful, and there are many shooting stars; all together they moved south … And then all the stars disappeared, burned to the ground, turned into black coals … dissolved in the abyss and became invisible. “O. Sachs diagnoses that through her the visual field has rained phosphenes (light spots), ending with negative scotoma (blind spot).

Visions of the ramparts (Zelus Dei and Sedens Lucidus) – have different composition: the figures are formed by lines emanating from the radiant points, but also, according to O. Sachs, caused by migraine.

Based on materials and

Water Earthquake Time

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