Wanga Predictions for 2013

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Wanga predicts 2013 will be pretty unusual and hard. He will bring many troubles, but also be able to to increase already acquired wealth. Vanga prophesied that it was in 2013 will continue the war begun in 2010, in which take advantage of chemical and nuclear weapons. Military conflict flare up in the Middle East, in Israel, and Georgia and Afghanistan there will be a powerful political crisis that will negatively affect the life of a simple person. To the positive aspects that will please world in 2013, can be attributed the invention of injection from cancer – the plague twenty first century. It was in 2013 that Wanga predicted humanity will be able to effectively resist this terrible disease, ruthlessly destroying millions of people. The end of the world this year is not is foreseen, although humanity will face many disasters and troubles. By at least Wang in his prophecies about the death of the Earth did not mentioned, despite the claims of many astronomers. A series of powerful flashes in the sun will cause numerous changes and magnetic storms, which will have a negative impact on man and the planet in whole. Regarding the planet Nibiru, which is approaching in 2013 to Earth and cause a series of cataclysms, Wang wrote the following: “Most of humanity will not see how from a small spark, born in the sky, a huge ball of fire will grow which will be bigger than the sun itself. “From her predictions it becomes clear that in 2013 numerous explosions and flares in the solar system can not be avoided, and accordingly it will be impossible to avoid numerous global changes on the earth. According to Wanga, humanity will lose touch with space, will be constantly “attacked” by tsunamis unknown in their strength, that will destroy everything in its path. According to Wanga’s predictions in Millions of people will die in 2013, the planet will be shuddered earthquakes that form incredibly large chasms absorbing all living things. Many cities will be flooded, and civilization – is ruined. A new bright star will appear in the sky, which will eclipse The sun, the earth will change its poles. According to the materials chtojebudet

Wang War Sun

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