Celestine Prophecies

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The wonderful writer James Redfield wrote this book: “Celestine Prophecies”, which tells about the unique finding every piece of ancient wisdom. However, upon reading books, I want to write all the prophecies in a column, which I do on this page. Briefly, 9 Celestine prophecies read: 1. All coincidence is not an accident. People who understand this will make up – critical mass. When the critical mass is enough, people understand the meaning of life and make many discoveries. 2. Humanity comprehend the historical process and its errors. Realizing that material development has reached its peak, threatening everything world, the process of exploring the world will be directed in a different direction. 3. A new understanding of the physical world will come. Towards the end of the millennium people discover the energy that is the basis of all bodies, including ours. Beauty and energy come from one source. 4. The fight for energy – the goal of every person. Each person takes and gives energy. The 4th prophecy says that people should learn how to energize from different sources and, also, rationally share it with others. 5 the fifth revelation teaches how receive energy from the outside world. To do this, you need to love everything what surrounds you, let love enter you. That is to achieve harmony. 6.Before reaching a state of harmony with others the world and master a special state of consciousness (this state is familiar us in instant glimpses, in which we clearly see that we are going through life, guided by mysterious coincidences) we must understand its essence. It says that each person falls under his own scenario. The man who bully is a “scarecrow”. The one who obeys bullying, that is, a coward is “poor thing.” If a person likes to point out the flaws of others then he refers to the script “investigator.” After analyzing which scenario your parents, you are aware of your scenario that you need to overcome, to understand your essence in reality. 7.All answers to ours questions come from other people. The main thing is to understand that a person really ready to tell you something. This will be a message to you. 8. Talk about the relationship of parents and children. 8th revelation is counterweight to the 6th. It says how to build relationships is not only with children, but also with otalnymi people. Need to share energy, and avoid over-dependence on others. 9. The ninth revelation shows how human will civilization in the next millennium. Life goal of any person will be his own evolution. Man will live among the ancients forests, however, close to cities filled with sophisticated technology. Humanity will consciously lower the birth rate, so that enough room for everyone. A person will understand that chance is a guide to action.

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